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4 Reasons to Choose Cross-Country Car Shipping over Driving

Relocating to a different province within Canada is a bit more complex than simply planning a road trip across the country. In theory, it may sound exciting, but driving interprovince has its own risks. A safer alternative is to use the services of a province-to-province car shipping company. Even if you are just taking a road trip, planning the logistics and handling all the workload associated with cross-country relocation is very likely to stress you out. Other than the obvious danger of driving on a highway, there is a risk of wear and tear of your precious vehicle during the long journey as well.

Shipping Your Car Across the Country

You need a lot of preparation when relocating to a different province. There is the pressure of finding good movers, packing the shipment, dealing with any paperwork needed and much more. Worrying about your vehicle should be the last thing you need. Let’s not forget issues like car sickness, particularly among kids.

Let’s look at why it is better to ship your car when you are relocating across the country.

1. Saving the Extra Miles

Sure, driving can be fun, but have you considered the rising metre scale of your dashboard? The more miles that you drive, the faster your vehicle ages. This will greatly impact the resale value of your car. Also, the wear and tear on different car parts and the overall appearance is not going to help in increasing its value either.

With an east-west length of 5,514 km and a north-south length of 4,634 km, you can guess as to how lengthy driving through Canada can get.

2. Saving Time

With a history of transportation in Canada, a reputed interprovincial freight system guarantees that your car reaches you in the new city on time. On the other hand, driving will leave you at the mercy of the traffic, flat tires and the inclement weather. And even if you are certain about the safety of your vehicle, children, and convenience, taking road trips that long will not be the best use of your time. You can use that time to unpack and get accustomed to the new place. If you are on a tight schedule, opting for expedited shipping can guarantee the delivery date and time.

3. Saving Money

Many people assume they’ll save money on shipping but do not calculate the fuel cost of driving. As a result, they end up spending a lot of extra money and energy when they could have just taken a train or a flight while the car is safely delivered.

For example, how much does it cost to ship a car from Calgary to Vancouver? Of course, larger and heavier vehicles will cost more, but the location matters too. A lot of other factors, such as the price of fuel, distance, and remoteness of the location, weather conditions, and even the condition of the car is taken into consideration. However, the good news is that the advent of self-driven vehicles is going to make car-shipping a more efficient and cost-friendly procedure, which eventually will reduce shipping charges.

4. Assuring Safety

It is not just about the time and cost, but hiring an auto transport company is a matter of safety as well. Even for those who love to drive, cross-country driving can be a risk. This does not mean that driving is fundamentally a dangerous activity, but the longer the distance, the greater the chances of running across reckless drivers and unexpected weather conditions. A vehicle transport service ensures that you and your car stay safe. And even if some damage does happen due to the fault of the company, your car stays insured and the company pays for it, not you.

When you are relocating, you are responsible for a lot of things, from the safety of your family to your possessions. Interprovince car shipping will not only guarantee the safety of your valuable and antique vehicles, but you will also be saving a lot of money on tolls, gas, and other expenses, not to mention time, associated with a long drive. After all, you can always take that road trip later when you have settled in your new location.a

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