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5 Useful Packing Tips for an International Move

5 Useful Packing Tips for an International Move

Moving internationally can be the result of a number of factors like a new job, more career opportunities or family obligations. It marks a fresh start in your life as you’ll re-orient yourself in a new country. Being organized is the key to successful relocation to a new place. Taking the essential furniture, accessories and other things along with you can make your initial days post-move a lot easier.

This post is a guide to what and how you should pack and what you can ship to the new location.


Time management

It can take several weeks to determine what to take with you and plan your move. Unclutter and shortlist the things that are necessary for your living situation. Remember that the fewer belongings you bring with you, the easier it will be to keep track of them. Moreover, you can cut down the shipping and storage charges significantly if you have fewer things to move.


Necessary items

Certain belongings like essential clothing items, important electronic devices, medicines and essential documents must be transported personally. Keep documents like your passport, visa, medical records, birth certificates, tax information and travel insurance paperwork with you. Medicines for motion sickness, food poisoning, fever, allergies and prescribed medicines are necessities and must be packed in your carry-on luggage. The rest of your clothes and your wardrobe can be shipped by professional movers along with other non-essential belongings.


Replaceable belongings

Consider leaving behind, selling or donating as many belongings as you can. If it is a temporary move, you can leave behind the majority of your things and take only what is essential. If you are moving permanently determine the cost-effectiveness of shipping. Sell or donate bulky items such as books, old appliances, kitchen gadgets or unused clothing, as shipping all of these will cost you a fortune. When it comes to your vehicle, consider overseas car shipping. Personal vehicles are also expensive to ship, but it may be worth it if it has high sentimental value to you.



These are optional items but handy to make your move easier. Notebooks, swiss army knife, translators, duct tape travel backpacks are some items you must pack in your personal luggage. They will make your unpacking easier once you reach the destination country.


Professional shipping

For all the things you have to ship, look for reliable shipping agencies. Items like crockery, glassware, and furniture can be best taken care of by professional movers. Dissemble the furniture so the packages are easier to store. Do not compromise on the quality of packing boxes and shipping methods to avoid trouble with damaged belongings in the long run. For documents and book collections, choose superior quality climate-controlled storage units. Remember to opt for insurance coverage to recover any losses during international shipping.

Planning and organizing your international move can be time-consuming. Sorting out the necessary belongings and things you can replace helps to minimize the amount of luggage and packages to be shipped. To get reliable solutions, contact Viamar Scilla – a top shipping company in Canada.

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