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6 Essential Facts You Need to Know About Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding Company

Freight forwarding is a cost-effective method of transporting goods from one place to another through air, water or land. Though the process might sound simple it involves a lot of coordination and hard work to deliver the goods to its designated destination safely. Freight forwarding companies organize the entire shipment process efficiently using a wide range of carriers including road freight, ocean freight and air freight.

Essentially, they provide a wide range of services from preparing the shipment to liaising with various transporters and carriers, consolidating the cargo, negotiating charges and formulating the fastest and the most economical route. They handle a considerable amount of logistics on behalf of their client which otherwise would become a very challenging task for them.  In this blog post, we have discussed in detail 10 interesting facts that you must know about freight forwarding and those who are involved in this dynamic business.


An Easy Way to Import and Export Goods: 

Employing a freight forwarding company for importing and exporting of goods makes the entire process hassle-free and less stressful. Freight forwarders are experts regarding supply chain management and they offer their assistance on all levels from the stage of packing and warehousing to customs, taking a great deal of pressure away from you.


Advantageous for Your Business:

 Using the expert assistance of a freight forwarding company saves both your time and money, that ultimately proves quite beneficial for your business. Using their wide range of services helps you can ensure that your goods will reach its desired destination on time and without any trouble. It is not only financially viable, but it also helps you earn the goodwill of your clients.


Freight Forwarders Are Not Responsible for Shipping Delays: 

Freight forwarders ensure that your goods reach its destination on time, but you can’t hold them responsible for any delays in shipping. The delays occur due to poor weather conditions, vehicle breakdown or some unforeseen circumstances. Though this is very frustrating, you must know it is not in the hands of the freight forwarder.


Importance of Maintaining a Good Working Relationship:

 As a shipper, it is always important to maintain a good relationship with your freight forwarding company. It is the freight forwarder who is in-charge of your valuable cargo, so ideally you must maintain a smooth professional relationship with them. Choose a company that provides exquisite customer services and who is trustworthy.


Ensure Proper Paperwork: 

Before you transfer your precious cargo in the hands of your freight forwarder ensure that you have completed all kinds of paperwork for the safe transportation of your goods. It is a very important step because faulty paperwork might result in your goods not getting cleared from customs or banks might not be ready to release your funds in case of such a situation. These things will have a negative effect on your business, so you must ensure that you have paperwork is solid and does not have any flaws.


Freight Forwarders Adhere to Certain Restrictions: 

There are certain products that freight forwarding companies refuse to carry either by sea, road or air. The list of items that freight forwarders are not allowed to transport varies from country to country, but generally, they are not allowed to carry toxic substances, flammable items., drugs, sharp objects and alcoholic substances.


Freight forwarding companies provide a wide range of personalised services to shippers and ensure the safe transfer of goods from one country to another. Before you employ a logistics, company conduct an extensive research on them to be certain of the fact that your goods get delivered safely in a cost-effective way.

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