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7 Attributes E-Commerce Businesses Must Look for in Shipping Providers

E-commerce businesses must focus on choosing a reputed shipping provider who meets the buyer’s experience; simply delivering goods is not enough. You need to make sure that the order reaches its designated destination without any external damage and on time. If there is an additional aspect that a customer is concerned about besides the quality and price of a product, it is shipping. In this blog post, we have pointed out a list of attributes that will help you choose the perfect shipping provider for the safe transportation of your goods.  
  1. Types of Products Shipped: Every shipping company has its own set of limitations in regard to dimension, size and type of product that it ships. A lot of shippers do not ship small packages while others do not ship oversized products. Shipping companies must provide e-commerce businesses with technology-based assistance, logistic services, analytics, and insights. This helps the dealer to provide a phenomenal shopping experience to its client.
  1. The Range of Services & Accountability: It is important to hire a multi-faceted shipping organization that specializes in providing personalised services to its clients. The shipper must be reliable and cater to your business needs. Also, choose a shipping provider who has years of experience in the industry and takes full accountability for any unforeseen circumstances.
  1. The Speed of Shipping: To acquire new customers or to retain existing one’s e-commerce businesses must focus on delivery speed. No one wants a delay in delivery, thus it is important to ensure that the goods reach the desired destination on time. A shipping provider who has a good track record and meets promised timelines should get preference.
  1. Charges and Surcharges: Goods that are shipped across borders run the risk of external damage caused by accidents. Merchants must ensure that their shipping provider has insurance coverage against the products that they are shipping. Additionally, you must have a proper discussion with your shipper regarding any hidden costs or additional charges.
  1. Tracking Services: When a customer places an order he/she wants thorough visibility of the product that is being shipped, especially if it is being shipped from abroad. Irrespective of the mode of transit, every shipping partner must offer end-to-end tracking services to both the customer and to the e-commerce business.
  1. Flexibility in Shipping Options: It is essential that a shipping provider offers a variety of shipping options. The company must fulfil the existing and future demands of potential and new customers. They must present a wide range of shipping options both domestic and international, irrespective of the cost involved.
  1. API Integration: Since time is valuable, it is imperative that a shipping provider offers an API Integrated platform that can be synchronized with the e-commerce store. API provides end-to-end automation by simplifying access to services or data that the shipper offers. This enhances the operational efficiency benefitting the merchant and in turn, giving the customer a gratifying buying experience.
  There are a host of factors that must be taken into consideration before choosing an international shipping provider. The above list of attributes will help you find the right shipper to transport your goods across countries or continents. Viamar Scilla specializes in shipping products across borders with utmost diligence and commitment. They also ensure complete safety of your valuable goods.

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