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About Us – Viamar Scilla Transport 

Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc. was founded in the fall of 1976, in Toronto Canada by a young Italian immigrant named Joe Fortugno, who decided to risk everything he had and bought his first truck. He had a vision of serving the local household moving and local transport requirements of Toronto’s growing Italian community. The company was then known as Scilla Transport Ltd.

Business was very good in the early years, as Italian Canadian families and business owners all over southern Ontario made Scilla Transport their #1 choice when they needed something moved. It was only 2 months after he bought the first truck, that young Joe bought his second truck. By 1979, only 3 short years after he started, his company had a fleet of 18 trucks and over 50 employees.

1980’s-By Land, Sea or Air, Let Viamar Scilla Take it there

In the 80’s, Mr. Fortugno decided to use his popularity in the Italian community, and start an overseas shipping service, known as Viamar Scilla Transport International. Viamar Scilla specialized in shipping personal effects and automobiles from Canada to Italy, and importing ceramic tiles, clothing and olive oil from Italy to Canada. In order to handle the business efficiently, Viamar Scilla opened offices throughout Italy as well.

During the mid and late 80’s, Viamar Scilla opened offices and established agencies in Latin America, Jamaica, Portugal, Greece and the U.K. Canadians of all backgrounds started using Viamar’s service. People in Southern Ontario became used to seeing the T.V commercials boasting “by Land, Sea or Air, let Viamar Scilla Take it There”.

1990’s-Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union and West Africa connections are formed

The world changed dramatically in the 90’s. And as the world changed, Viamar was among the first to establish business in the newly formed markets of Eastern Europe, Russia and West Africa. The company opened a special project and ro/ro department to ship heavy equipment and construction machinery. By the late 90’s Viamar was shipping on average 4500 automobiles annually, and had co-ordinated the shipping on on over 120 major construction and mining projects.

2000’s-Asia becomes a powerhouse

As Canada’s economy is rich in natural resources, it became clear that the Asian countries were now becoming major trading partners. With this in mind, Viamar Scilla expanded its interest to include a specialty forestry shipping department, specializing in the shipment of logs and lumber, as well as oilfield and mining exploration equipment.

To this day, the company is still run by the Fortugno family. We are happy to have served the thousands upon thousands of customers who have supported us throughout the years. We can truly say, no matter the size, no matter the destination, Viamar Scilla is a company you can count on.

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Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc.
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4000 Steeles Ave. West, Unit #9 Vaughan On L4L 4V9 Canada
Phone: 416-747-9774
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7570
Fax: (905) 856-0844

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