What Are the Advantages of Land Shipping?

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What Are the Advantages of Land Shipping?

Shipping is a term generally used for the transportation of goods by sea but it can also be used for transportation involving flight and land as well. The choice of shipping is determined based on the budget, distance, type of goods to be transported, and the available time. Transporting goods by land can be done through cars or trains.

This post lists the various advantages associated with land transportation and when it is suitable for your requirements.

  • It is cheaper

Transporting by land is the cheapest mode of shipping available. This is the only method of shipping where your goods are delivered right to your doorstep. Products like textiles, groceries and lifestyle items are shipped this way when it is not exported overseas.

  • Reaches isolated rural regions

Shipping by land is the only mode of transportation that can reach out to the remotest corners of the country. Road transport is particularly helpful for sending basic goods to small villages from larger cities.

  • It is convenient

Road transportation allows the delivery person to decide their ideal time to start their journey depending on their workload. They can also provide door to door pick-up service which is convenient for the delivery person as well as the suppliers. The routes to be taken can be determined as per the convenience of the delivery person. It is also easier to track which gives the recipient visibility over when the package is being sent out.

  • Minimal chance of damage in transit

Unlike flight and water transport, where the cargo sees a lot of intermediate handling and loading, road transportation is much more direct. Hence, the chance of damage is minimized. This makes road transport the most suitable for delicate products like chinaware or glass items, which can get damaged due to repeated loading and handling on the way.

  • Fast delivery

If you need an item immediately, road transport is your best option. Water transport is the slowest, while a lot of time is necessary for booking and packing a delivery through railway and flights. Such formalities are not needed if a delivery is made on the road. Traffic, bad weather, and possible vehicle break down are the factors that may cause a delayed delivery in land shipping.

  • A necessity to support other shipping modes

Shipping through flight and sea both depend on road transport, at least for certain parts of the journey. The goods have to be delivered to respective clients at the doorstep or the nearest post office by road.

When you have a shorter distance to cover, road transport is the most convenient mode of shipping available. The several advantages as mentioned above make it an indispensable part of the shipping industry. Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc provides such mode of shipping for all kinds of heavy goods from vehicles to equipment.

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