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Your Freight Delivery Truck Driver deserves appreciation

One of the most dynamic jobs in the world is driving a transport truck. There are about 350,000 truck drivers presently in Canada, but how much do we know about the difficulties faced by them to serve us better? Many people not familiar with the industry assume that the job is just about driving from point A to B. While that is a big part of the job, that isn’t all there is to it.


Trucking Means Loving the Freedom of the Road

People who like the open highways and navigating the city streets or freeways, are those who typically take up the profession. Some truck drivers are owner-operators, they work for themselves and a manage their own private convey or are a part of a for-hire fleet. This flexibility is because the trucking and transport industry has many opportunities for industrious individuals.

Despite this freedom however, there is a scarcity of drivers all over the world. It is a complicated job as traffic, bad weather or road conditions may create difficulties on a regular basis. Lack of proper city or road infrastructure may also create congestion, hampering productivity. Full concentration is also needed throughout the journey of driving a trailer with a 45,000-pound or more payload.


The job has many perks, but spending a significant amount of time away from the family isn’t one of them. They spend a long periods of time away from home, travelling from district to district, state to state, or province to province sleeping in cabs or motels. Their eating habits can be inconsistent and all that time alone on the road can be lonely.

It’s for these reasons that anyone in the trucking industry should be given respect. While some people may only see driver on a highway, that trucker is delivering cargo that is precious to someone and doing so at a cost to themselves.

Show your appreciation to those delivering your goods. Thank them for their dedication, buy them a beer (or their preferred drink) and always remember to respect the profession.

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