What to Ask before You Hire a Good Auto Shipping Company

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What to Ask before You Hire a Good Auto Shipping Company

Are you planning to move abroad? Have you already made the necessary preparations? What about shipping your automobile to the new destination? Well, it is actually quite confusing to find a reputable auto shipping company that will fulfill your needs. You will have to begin your research to get the list of some authentic companies. All car shipping companies are not the same – some charge extra fee for their services while others are reliable companies to work with. Once you complete your homework, check out some important questions you must ask yourself before hiring a shipping company.

  1. Does the car shipping company have a valid license?

Car shipping companies need to have proper registration with the Department of Transportation (DOT), particularly when crossing state lines. They should provide you with ‘DOT number’ and Motor Carrier number to check on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. If you are planning to ship your car abroad, the company you choose should be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

  1. What kind of services do they provide?

Before hiring a shipping company, you should enquire about their services. Some companies may operate within the country while others may have a restriction on the size and kind of vehicle. Check whether they provide an enclosed or open auto shipping service.

  1. What are the documents needed for car shipping?

You’ll require right documents to ship your vehicle within the country. This means you should be able to provide your registration number and insurance papers. It’s advisable that you check with the shipping company what papers they’ll need to be sure you are the owner of the automobile.

  1. How do you make your vehicle ready for shipping?

Car shipping companies are not allowed to move automobiles with domestic items. As such, they’ll ensure that you have removed your belongings from the vehicle. The Department of Transport asks to handover keys to the mover when your car is being shipped.

  1. How much time will automobile shipping company require?

This varies from one company to another, and how and where your car is being shipped. With vehicle shipping, delivery time cannot be guaranteed as things can go wrong anytime. As a rule, vehicle shipping may require a few days within a short distance and long time when shipping abroad.

  1. How much do car shipping companies charge?

Auto shipping rates differ from one company to another and you should compare the rates of various companies. It’s important to know the exact cost of the company so that there aren’t any hidden charges included within the service. Most shipping companies will provide a free estimate when you give basic details about your automobile and where it should go. Ask if the rate is negotiable in case you’ve more than one vehicle for shipping needs.

  1. How can you make payment to auto shipping company?

Some auto shipping companies may ask to pay full upfront fees while others may take a certain amount as deposit and take the remaining balance during delivery. Ask the company how they want to get the payment done and what methods you may use after they deliver your automobile at the new destination.

  1. How can you be sure your car will be delivered with safety?

When the shipping company picks up your vehicle, they’ll carry out an evaluation of your auto’s condition. This will enable both the parties to know the present condition of the car before it is taken out for shipping. Also, you will have to carry out another check with the driver at the time of delivery to ensure there isn’t any damage at the time of shipping.

The price and kind of service offered by the shipping companies will vary from one company to another.  Obtain and compare quotes from different companies before hiring one. If your valuable car is your joy and pride, invest your time and effort to ask yourself these essential questions. Satisfactory answers assure complete protection of your vehicle till it arrives at the new destination.

Enjoy shipping your automobile with safety!

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