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Auto Auction Transport Services

After excelling at international car shipping to continents like Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Viamar Scilla is pleased to offer our customers auction transport services. You’ve trusted us to transport your beloved vehicles worldwide as part of a relocation or export project, now allow us to help you with your online car purchases and sales. New to this? Here’s a brief introduction to how it works.


What Is Auction Auto Transport?

Online shopping is the preferred way to buy almost anything these days, from small items like books, office supplies and medicine to big ones like furniture, decor items and automobiles. That’s right. People are even buying cars online. It saves you the hassle of visiting a dealership, plus you can get good deals online. But you must buy from a trusted source to avoid scams. That’s where auto auction companies come in.

Big players in the auto auction space like Copart, Manheim, ADESA and Impact provide reliable online platforms to bid on dealership-owned vehicles. If you have the winning bid, you can pick up your car either from their warehouse (if you’re in the same city) or hire an auction export shipping company to pick it up and deliver it. These platforms are also a great way to sell your cars to a wider customer base. If you’re a seller, you can auction your cars through these online marketplaces by delivering them to their warehouses with the help of an auction transport service.

With Viamar’s new auction car transport services, sellers can ship their listed vehicles to the auction company’s warehouse with the assurance that they won’t suffer damage. We also help buyers ship their vehicles overseas. Whenever you’re shipping cars internationally, we’re your one-stop-solution.

We have the expertise to deliver your vehicle on time and undamaged. Whether you’re a luxury car dealer or a collector of/agent for classic cars, we can help deliver them conveniently and affordably. From enclosed auto transport to RO/RO shipping, we have the right tools, methods and experience to provide excellent shipping services.



Copart Car Shipping Services

Copart is one of the most popular names in the online car auction industry. It has over 200 locations across 47 American states and seven Canadian provinces. This global auction company provides a trustworthy platform to make it easy for customers to find, bid on and win vehicles. Whether you’re a car dealer, dismantler or salvage buyer, Copart is the right place to find the automobile of your choice. After you’ve selected the vehicle(s) you want, start bidding. If you win, you can get them delivered with the help of Copart car transportation service providers.


Here’s the process to buy vehicles from the Copart marketplace.

  • Visit Copart’s website to check the vehicle listed for auction.
  • Enter the zip code (or postal code) of your location or business in the shipping estimate tool under the image of the vehicle you’re interested in.
  • Bid on the vehicle during the online auction.
  • If you win, visit the Payments Due page to add delivery to your purchase.
  • The vehicle will be delivered via an auto transport company.

If you purchase a car from the Copart auction, trust Viamar Scilla to deliver it to your doorstep. We will pick up the vehicle from their warehouse and deliver it to your desired location. Similarly, if you sell your vehicles on this online auction platform, we will help you transport them to the site of the auction. Our quick and reliable car transportation services to and from a particular Copart warehouse ensure that your car is picked up, loaded and shipped in a timely manner. We aim to avoid delays and deliver your vehicles in the same condition they were shipped. We offer flexible and customized auto transport services to meet our customers’ every need. As we value your time and money, we provide tracking so you know where your shipment is. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us.


Manheim Auto Transport Services

Manheim is a reliable auto auction marketplace to buy and sell vehicles anywhere and anytime with confidence. They offer end-to-end solutions for buying and selling vehicles – reconditioning, inspection, transportation, assurance and more. Whether you’re a vehicle dealer looking for an international platform to increase your sales or an avid buyer looking to expand your buying power, Manheim is the place. Some other benefits of buying and selling vehicles from Manheim’s auction facility include:

  • Guaranteed quotes and delivery estimates.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Streamlined processes.
  • Fast and easy listings.



Viamar is one of the trusted logistics partners of sellers who want to transport their vehicles to Manheim auctions. We handle all the details of a vehicle move and provide shipping services to and from Manheim warehouse locations. We have extensive knowledge of the procedures and rules for buying and selling vehicles at auction. As a result, we provide error-free and convenient auction auto transportation services worldwide.

If you’re an auto dealer who often auctions off vehicles using online platforms like Manheim, you know the importance of hiring a professional car shipping service. If you’re a buyer who has invested a hefty sum to purchase a luxury car online, you know the expertise required to transport an expensive car. That’s why the decision to choose a shipping company should be a careful one. Your search ends with Viamar Scilla. We appreciate the trust our customers have in us and consider it our duty to provide safe, affordable, reliable and hassle-free service. Give us a call to learn more.


ADESA Auto Transport Services

ADESA is an online car auction platform open to professional traders. It offers over 3000 vehicles every day, ranging from cars and passenger vehicles to vans and light trucks. Registration is free for car traders, and the best part is there are no hidden fees. Other benefits of buying or selling through ADESA’s online auction platform include:



  •  Customer support in the language of your choice.
  •  Only having to pay when you buy a vehicle.
  •  Easy and convenient follow-up.


If you’re registered with ADESA as a buyer or seller, you need a reliable shipping company to take care of moving your vehicle. At Viamar, we provide reliable and efficient car shipping services to ADESA traders. We do everything we can to ensure you have a satisfactory auction auto transport experience and believe every vehicle should be transported with care to ensure its safe arrival. As far as ADESA transport service is concerned, we guarantee delivery of your vehicles on time so you have peace of mind. To that end we provide our customers with shipping insurance so they can rest assured they’ll be covered in the event of loss.


Key benefits of choosing Viamar’s auto transport services for ADESA auctions:

At Viamar we understand that auto auctions are hectic, it’s important to meet their schedule and no two are alike. When you work with Viamar, you take the guesswork out of car shipments. Count on us for timely, stress-free and professional auction car transport services around the world.

  •  Your vehicles are fully protected during shipping.
  •  We handle all the paperwork.
  •  We save you the hassle of
  • transporting your car across international borders.
  •  We develop a custom shipping plan to meet your needs.
  •  We have the experience to deal with auction marketplaces.


Impact Auto Transport Services

Impact Auto Auctions is an online platform that provides insurers, car rental companies, financial institutions and other commercial vehicle sellers with a broad range of salvage auto auction services. With over 150 facilities across the United States and Canada, Impact has become a well-known name in online auctions among vehicle suppliers and buyers. It provides a hybrid auction model that offers five ways to view and bid on all vehicles. They are:


  •  Internet bidding (auction now)
  •  In person
  •  Buy now
  •  Auto bid
  •  Site sale


It’s a breeze to buy and sell vehicles from Impact Auto Auctions. But transporting them is challenging and requires organization, thus making your choice of a car shipping company crucial. Whenever you have a transportation need, Viamar Scilla can fulfill it.


We offer several shipping options – RO/RO shipping, Full Container Load and Consolidated Container. Although RO/RO shipping is the preferred choice for shipping vehicles, car dealers and traders generally prefer container shipping for Impact Auto Auctions transportation. That’s because this marketplace specializes in salvaged, damaged, high-mileage, aged and total loss vehicles and their condition might deteriorate if shipped via an open vessel. Whatever your preference, we will provide the best value for your money. Our competitive rates, attention to detail, high customer satisfaction and flexible shipping options make us one of the leading auction export shipping companies in Canada. As far as paperwork and packing are concerned, trust our team of logistics experts to walk you through the entire shipping process. Simply fill out our online quotation form and our team will get back to you right away.

At Viamar we understand that auto auctions are hectic, it’s important to meet their schedule and no two are alike. When you work with Viamar, you take the guesswork out of car shipments. Count on us for timely, stress-free and professional auction car transport services around the world.


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