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Summer vs. Winter – How to Choose the Better Car Shipping Deal

The shipping industry is greatly affected by the weather. Method, duration and cost of shipping vary with the change of seasons. But, if you have to make move a car from a long distance, giving too much importance to your weather preferences is not always an option. In such unavoidable circumstances, it will do you good to get familiar with the different aspects of long-distance car shipping in various seasons based on your chosen route. This way, you can plan and budget accordingly and protect Read more [...]

4 Reasons Why Cross-Country Car Shipping Is the Best Option

Relocating to a different province within Canada is a bit more complex than simply planning a road trip across the country. In theory, it may sound exciting, but driving interprovince has its own risks. A safer alternative is to use the services of a province-to-province car shipping company. Even if you are just taking a road trip, planning the logistics and handling all the workload associated with cross-country relocation is very likely to stress you out. Other than the obvious danger of driving Read more [...]

What You Need to Know About Shipping from Canada to Australia

Relocating is hectic, more so when you are going abroad. Shipping or moving internationally may sound exciting, but it can be a complex process. When it comes to international shipping from Canada or anywhere else, many factors are involved, including an international moving company, customs and warehouses. This post is written focusing on people shipping from Canada to Australia, although the general rules apply to anyone shipping goods for commercial or personal use to a foreign country. Factors Read more [...]

How to Choose the Best Company for Heavy Equipment Shipping

When shipping heavy loads, you need a know how the shipping of your goods will be done, and a reliable company who will guarantee its safety. But let’s face the truth! There are plenty of options in shipping and many companies will claim a lot of things just to make more money. But heavy equipment shipping is different from regular shipping and requires extra care and expertise. Therefore, as a consumer, you need to be very careful while entrusting someone else with your property. Finding the Read more [...]
Land Shipping Advantages

8 Types of Truck Trailers Used by Shipping Companies

When there’s a need to ship any heavy equipment or product by land, truck shipping services are usually used. There are different types of trucks and trailers utilized by shipping companies in Canada or in other countries. They can vary based on their applications and weight limit. The weight of the trailer and shipment should be considered together in order to avoid fines due to overloading. This post shares a brief outline of popular types of truck trailer. Flatbed These are the Read more [...]