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Land Shipping Advantages

8 Types of Truck Trailers Used by Shipping Companies

When there’s a need to ship any heavy equipment or product by land, truck shipping services are usually used. There are different types of trucks and trailers utilized by shipping companies in Canada or in other countries. They can vary based on their applications and weight limit. The weight of the trailer and shipment should be considered together in order to avoid fines due to overloading. This post shares a brief outline of popular types of truck trailer. Flatbed These are the Read more [...]
international cargo shipping

Top Reasons to Get Cargo Insurance for Your Shipment

When moving, all your items need to be moved too. Whichever mode of shipment you choose, every option runs a risk of damage. Also known as freight insurance, this is a special type of policy that is curated for shippers to protect goods being shipped from any kind of loss, damage or theft while in transit. If shipping items; it is always advised to buy this insurance. In this blog post are a few reasons why you should choose cargo insurance. A Brief on the Different Variants of Cargo Insurance It Read more [...]

What Are Reefer Containers and When Will You Need Them?

The safety and preservation of your shipment depend largely on the mode of shipping and the containers used. Only an expert who has closely worked in the shipping and logistics fields knows the subtle differences between the various containers types. There are basic containers as well as containers with enhancements for special purposes. That’s why choosing the right container can be tricky unless you have a thorough understanding of their use and mechanisms. One of the most technologically Read more [...]

What Leads to Hidden Fees in International Shipping?

If you are familiar with international shipping, you would know the unpleasant surprises that accompany it at times in the form of hidden fees. These are extra charges which were not included in the initial quote and is incurred in the process of shipping for various reasons. While these small fees may seem like not thinking about, when you calculate them altogether, it can cut down your profit margins significantly. Your friends at Viamar Scilla Transport International has compiled a list of Read more [...]
Motorcycle Shipping by Viamar is Done in a Safe Way

How to Ship Your Motorcycle Safely in a Budget

Whether you are relocating or simply going on a holiday and wish to ride the bike but cannot go all the way on it- motorcycle shipping is an important facility for many. However, you may be apprehensive of the cost involved and unsure about the safety of the procedure. There are various factors which influence the cost altogether. The season, method of shipping and the shipping company are some primary elements. To ensure you take an informed decision, we have shared some tips which will help Read more [...]