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How to Compare Quotes and Select the Right Auto Shipping Company – Part II

In our previous blog post, we discussed the factors on which auto shipping quotes are based. We also emphasised the importance and benefits of quotes when you’re planning to ship your vehicle. For this post, we’ll continue to guide you through the essentials of getting a quote and turning it into the best deal for you. How to Get Multiple Shipping Quotes for Your Vehicle You need to ask an auto shipping company for a quote to transport your vehicle from one location to the other. Contact Read more [...]

How to Compare Quotes and Select the Right Auto Shipping Company – Part I

Shipping vehicles is a new experience for a lot of people and most of us aren’t sure how and where to start. Whether it’s a new vehicle purchased in another part of the country or abroad, bringing it home using the service of an auto shipping company is often a major concern. This is because choosing the right auto shipping company is crucial to the safety of your vehicle and your peace of mind. To select the right transportation method, the right company, and to get the best deal, it’s Read more [...]

How to Be Sure You’ve Chosen the Best Ocean Carrier for Your Shipments

When it comes to your business, selecting the right carrier is a significant logistics decision. Going with the wrong company can be a nightmare as it can result in wasted time and angry customers. It’s imperative to have your priorities outlined before selecting a carrier. It’ll be easier to select the right cargo carrier when you know what your greatest needs are. It’s possible that priorities may vary over time. That’s why it’s important to keep the following points in mind when selecting Read more [...]

Tips for Over-Sized and Heavy Cargo Shipping

Shipping over-sized and heavy cargo requires special expertise. It’s vital for the shipping company to understand the limitations of moving the over-sized and heavy cargo shipping. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your shipment of over-sized and heavy cargo is handled as smoothly as you expect. Timing is important The earlier you can tell the shipping company about the over-sized or heavy cargo, the better it will be.  Such loads more than often involve specialized equipment Read more [...]

Appreciate the Truck Driver in Charge of Delivering Your Freight

One of the most dynamic jobs in the world is driving a transport truck. There are about 350,000 truck drivers presently in Canada, but how much do we know about the difficulties faced by them to serve us better? Many people not familiar with the industry assume that the job is just about driving from point A to B. While that is a big part of the job, that isn’t all there is to it. Trucking Means Loving the Freedom of the Road People who like the open highways and navigating the city streets Read more [...]