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Car Shipping from Canada to El Salvador

You are in Canada and you come to know you must relocate to El Salvador – the Central American branch of the organization you are working with. It could happen that you want to use your vehicle in the new location. The very thought of household shift is baffling to you. On top of that car shipping completes your disorientation.

Viamar Scilla is a trusted name in domestic and overseas goods shipping industry based in Toronto. We transfer new or used cars to 250 locations all over the world. Even the most luxurious and exotic cars are safe with our experts. Our experience and advanced methods satiate those consignors who are looking to ship cars to El Salvador from Canada.


Features of Our Auto Shipping Service

  • We ship automobile by road, sea and air.
  • With RORO and container shipping, overseas transfers are a lot safer.
  • We use 20-feet and 40-feet containers to carry 1 car and 2 cars respectively.
  • We utilize our network and long-term association with the international port staffs.
  • Our own spacious warehouses ensure protected temporary storage of automobiles.

With strong network and long term relationship with our logistics associates, no distance is too much for us. We travel to the most difficult-to-reach places of the globe. When you hire us to ship your vehicle to El Salvador or any part of Central America, we deliver it with as much care and attention as you could have given it. We keep you posted with the status of the shipped vehicle at every leg.

Our team is technically sound and also well-groomed to attend each customer with politeness and patience. We are always willing to answer your queries regarding our services, shipping duration and freight charges. Feel free to ask for a price quote.

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