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Car Shipping to Germany

Viamar Scilla Transport International INC. is a solely owned carrier company serving Canada for the past 40 years. This long tenure has bestowed Viamar with experience to amend its services and match the expectations of its customers. Whether you want to ship a car to Germany for commercial or personal purposes, our methods comport with your expectations to find your car unscarred.

Revolutionizing conventional methods of vehicle shipping, we can ship 3 cars in a single container to Germany saving your time and money.

Our Customized Services of Shipping Cars

You have a lot of attachment with your exotic or classic car. At Viamar we understand that these exquisites demand huge investment and you cannot bear to see them damaged. So, we would like to suggest one exotic car in 20-feet and two exotic cars in 40-feet container respectively. With our advanced auto shipping services, your cars will arrive in Germany neat and unhurt.

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