Check Insurance Coverage When Shipping Your Car Cross-Country

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Check Insurance Coverage When Shipping Your Car Cross-Country

Cars are like our second home. They’re expensive and just like our other valuable assets, we insure our cars against theft, accidents and other possible damages.  However, a lot of car owners aren’t aware of the fact that many policies may not provide the desired level of protection especially when you move your car to a new location via an auto shipping company.

Although some car shipping companies provide their clients with insurance (sometimes at an additional cost), some transport companies include a disclaimer in their contract. This makes the whole process complicated as the company refuses to take any responsibility for potential damages to your car while shipping.

Therefore, if you’re planning a cross-country relocation and want to ship your car, it’s crucial to check the auto shipper’s insurance policy thoroughly before signing the contract. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss some important factors regarding insurance coverage that you should consider to avoid unexpected charges and hassles.

  1. Ask for Proof of Insurance

Auto shipping companies are bound by law to present a valid insurance certificate when asked by clients or any other authority. Ask as many questions you want to ask about the insurance policy. One of the most critical questions to ask the company is where’s the insurance coming from, because it may say that your car is insured but with little clarification. Inquire if any broker or subcontractors are involved at different stages of the process. Ensure that you know whom to contact for insurance money if anything unexpected happens while your car is in their possession.

  1. Inquire about the Company’s Liability

Several shipping companies may inform you that their insurance covers the entire process from beginning to end. But make sure to ask what exactly they cover. Most often, the insurance policy covers the time your car spends on the carrier without giving coverage for accidents that may happen while handling the car from the unloading spot to your destination. Look for a car shipping company that provides full coverage till they hand over the car keys to you at your new destination. Also, if you’re shipping an exotic car or classic car, ask what amount of money the policy offers. In such a case, you can invest more money to buy additional coverage.

  1. Get the Policy and Contract in Writing

Get everything in writing, including special agreements before signing the contract with a vehicle shipping company. This will give you protection against mishaps, especially when they agree to provide you with a special service that’s not mentioned in the regular contract.

Before you hand over your car keys, make sure to read the printed copy of the auto shipping company’s insurance policy and check what’s actually covered and what’s not. It’s also important to check your personal car insurance policy and what it covers. Contact the insurance company to confirm if it gives you coverage during the transport process and if they require any notification from your car shipping company.

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