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Our ocean freight container shipping service is ideal for shipping products internationally such as cars, auto parts, heavy vehicles, equipment and forest products such as lumber. Our team at Viamar Scilla have over 35 years of expertise in international shipping and customized services such as:

We use a range of different ocean freight containers, depending on the nature and size of the products you want shipped:

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

We also have flexible freight services for shipping products that are less than a full container load (LCL). These freight loads are great if you’re a business shipping out small batches of products, or if you’re an individual looking to ship personal items.

For LCL and palletized cargo, our services include

We have extensive experience in international freight amongst several different industries, such as:

We have two different options for automobile shipping – in standard containers or RO/RO. If you want your vehicle to be shipped with RO/RO, please click here for further information.

For used cars, our unique container loading technology allows us to fit up to 4 cars per standard 40 ft container.

Here’s a helpful guide to automobile container shipping according to the destination:

We also have a special option for shipping cars from Canada to:

full-container_431 (1)

Full Container Load (FCL)


Less Container Load (LCL)

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