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Country Guide | International Moving Companies Canada

Viamar Scilla is a leading international moving company based in Canada.
Our Country Guides provide customs information for more than 170
countries and territories around the world. Detailing the documents needed for duty-free import and the specific policies of a country/territory, these
comprehensive guides help ensure that customs processes go as smoothly as possible for both the mover and the moving customer.

Viamar encourages members to review the Country Guides for the country where they are based. If you have questions, comments or suggestions for updates, please contact us.

While this information is correct at posting, regulations, procedures and charges are subject to change. Viamar does not accept liability for errors, omissions, inaccuracies or misinterpretation. This information does not purport to be provided or sanctioned by the customs authorities of the country/territory concerned.

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