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The Different Modes of Shipping

The Different Modes of Shipping

Shipping is a term which refers to the various modes involved in the transportation of goods through land, air or sea. Although it essentially involves the movement of cargo or goods through the sea, the term has a wider scope since it involves land and air as well. A supplier may choose any of these three modes of shipping depending on various factors including the budget, type of goods and the time. In this blog post, we will discuss all three shipping modes.


Shipping by Sea: Sea transport is done for a variety of reasons such as recreational, commercial and military. Goods which are transported through a ship are packaged either in boxes, pallets, cases or barrels. When it comes to transporting a large number of goods across two nations or continents, shipping by sea is usually preferred. Ships can be used to transport anything from electronic appliances, technological gadgets, clothes, shoes, cars, raw materials like coal, iron and even chemicals and oils. The seafarers who handle this mode of shipping are referred to as the merchant navy. More than 90% of the trade that happens internationally is done by virtue of merchant shipping making it the backbone of our global economy.


Land Shipping: Believed to be the earliest form of goods transportation, shipping by land is beneficial when it comes to moving goods within a particular country or its borders. It is not a practical option while transporting goods or cargo to a distant location or country. Groceries, clothing items or lifestyle products which you buy on the internet are usually shipped this way unless the product is being purchased from another nation across the ocean. In that case, the product is shipped through sea or air.Land shipping is most commonly done with the help of trucks that can carry a large volume of goods. Trucks help in transporting big and bulky products such as cranes and construction materials over a long distance. Apart from trucks, trains can also be a very good vehicle for shipping materials across a nation. They can carry a large volume of materials and are much quicker than trucks.


Air Freight: Air shipment refers to the transfer of goods through aircraft. This mode of shipment can be used to deliver almost anything apart from extremely big products or commodities. Letters, postcards, food items are usually transported through air freight since they are time-sensitive and require speedy delivery. Air freight is a more expensive compared to land or sea shipments.


In today’s world, all three modes of shipping are of huge importance. Each mode of shipping has its own individual advantages and caters to specific purposes. Shipping providers all over the world offer various kinds of services such as tracking of the product that is to be delivered. This helps customers know exactly where their products are at any given time.

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