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How to Ensure a Safe Shipping of Your Valuable Classic Car?

How to Ensure a Safe Shipping of Your Valuable Classic Car?

Whether you’re buying a classic car for the first time or you’re a vintage car collector, it’s a big investment with a sentimental value. So, when it comes to shipping classic cars, every owner wants to ensure that their collectible car is transported safely to the destination without any hassles.

However, there are certain things you should be doing to make sure that your valuable possession arrives with zero damage. In today’s post, we’ll provide some helpful tips to ensure a safe and hassle-free transportation for your classic car.

  1. Choose an Enclosed Container to Tow Your Car

Once you finalize a reputed and trusted auto shipping company, after checking out their safety records, inquire about their trailer options for transporting your car. There are two types of trailers – open air and enclosed. Although there’s a big cost difference between the two, an enclosed container is always a safer option. It comes with several benefits, such as protection from harsh weather, road debris and dust and grime. It minimizes risks of car damage and reduces the chances of theft by providing better security.

  1. Opt for Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-door shipping method is a more convenient and safer option for transporting antique cars than the terminal-to-terminal method. Make sure to check with your shipping company if they avoid transport terminals, this will reduce the chances of your car getting damaged during unloading and reloading processes.

  1. Verify Insurance Coverage Thoroughly

Ask the auto shipping company about the liability and coverage that they’ll provide for your vehicle. If you find that the liability and coverage offered in their policy aren’t good enough to handle a classic car, inquire about the availability of additional coverage at an extra cost. Always settle for a coverage plan that gives your valuable possession the best protection. Remember to ask for a written copy of the company insurance policy and cross-check the document for hidden clauses.

Apart from checking the shipping company’s insurance policy, make sure to check your own car’s insurance. Call the company to verify the coverage they provide for your exotic car so that you have a backup in case the shipping company doesn’t cover damages or accidents during transit.

  1. Prepare Your Car for Shipping

Before shipping your vehicle, you need to make a few preparations. Inspect the car carefully for any kind of damages. Take photographs and notes stating the condition of your car to keep a record and have them signed by the person who comes to pick up your classic car. This will help you claim maximum compensation if anything goes wrong during shipping in tandem with the insurance policy. You’ll also need to sign a report on your car condition before handing it over to the shipper from the pickup location and again repeat the same process at the delivery location.

Remove all valuables from the car such as emblems, stereos, manuals, etc. to prevent any possible theft attempt. Check the tyres, keep the fuel tank filled no more than a quarter of its capacity, and charge the battery to prevent any issues during hauling. Don’t forget to provide written instructions to the person handling the car about fuel cut-off switches, alarm systems, battery, and other hidden switches, so that the car is handled smoothly.

Once your classic car reaches its destination, thoroughly inspect it for damages before accepting it from the shipping company. Take care of these points when transporting your vintage car. At Viamar, we have 35 years of experience in handling and shipping exotic cars. We ensure the safest shipment of your valuable classic vehicles. Call us today at 1-800-277-7570.

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