Freight Freeze Protection – How Your Shipment Is Kept Safe

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Freight Freeze Protection – How Your Shipment Is Kept Safe

The winter season can be a lovely time of year with all its snow, fun sports and holidays. Beginning in November, the season typically lasts until the end of March. During this time, it is very important that your shipments don’t freeze. It is the responsibility of any reputable shipping company to ensure that the cold temperature doesn’t wreak havoc on the goods being transported.

There are several precautions an experienced transporter will take to ensuring the safe delivery of goods. The exact method used will largely depend on the type of items being transported, distance and the severity of the weather.

Freight Freeze Protection

  • Portable heaters – Heaters are placed near temperature-sensitive freight and keeps it warm. Blankets – Insulated blankets are used to keep temperature sensitive goods from getting too cold.
  • Heated trailers – Temperature control trailers are useful for protecting freight from extreme cold weather.
  • Warm storage spaces – Similar to heated trailers, but the spaces are much larger and more convenient for storing the temperature-sensitive goods with care.

 No Shipping Delays

Probably the second biggest issue with extreme winter weather are the delays. The first is still cold damage, but not having your freight arrive on time when you need it can also be very costly to your business.

For this reason, it is important to book a trusted freight transporter. Only by hiring professionals can you ensure that your freight arrives undamaged and when you need it to be there.

With detailed packaging, loading and unloading, you can expect freeze protected shipping within a reasonable price.

The winter may be a pain for most people, but it doesn’t have to be for your shipping. Hire a professional shipping service today and avoid the winter blues.

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