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6 Essential Facts You Need to Know About Freight Forwarding

  Freight forwarding is a cost-effective method of transporting goods from one place to another through air, water or land. Though the process might sound simple it involves a lot of coordination and hard work to deliver the goods to its designated destination safely. Freight forwarding companies organize the entire shipment process efficiently using a wide range of carriers including road freight, ocean freight and air freight. Essentially, they provide a wide range of services from Read more [...]

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Shipping Your Car Abroad

When you are relocating overseas it is likely you’ll want to bring your personal vehicle with you. Even on a vacation, the comfort of your own car is something which you can never forget. In either of these cases, extensive planning, organizing, and coordination are required. While shipping your car abroad there are numerous factors to consider that requires careful delineation. From selecting a freight forwarding company to insurance there are plenty of things to evaluate and consider. You must Read more [...]
6 Ways to Avoid Freight Damage

6 Ways to Avoid Freight Damage

Transporting freight is an integral part of any shipping business. Freight damage can cause significant costs to your business and hamper your relationship with customers. Additionally, if you incur damages on a regular basis your insurance rates tend to go up. You must ensure that you protect your freight to maintain your profits and have good business relationships with your clients. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to avoid damage to freight. Packaging: Packaging, though Read more [...]