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Heavy Cargo Shipping – Viamar Scilla Transport International INC

High & Heavy Cargo RO/RO (Trucks , Construction / Plant Equipment) :

A Canadian Company Providing a World of Service …..

For nearly 35 years Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc, has provided Canadian Companies with quality, cost effective freight solutions.

Viamar Scilla’s staff of logistics professionals have gained the experience necessary to successfully substantiate your shipments from initial planning phases to the safe arrival at destination.


RO/RO Shipping – For Cargo that doesn’t fit in Ocean Containers:

Ro/ Ro is short for Roll on Roll off. It is a term used to describe how cargo is loaded and discharged from a vessel. Ro/Ro vessels allow trucks, trains and oversized loads to be driven or towed directly on and off the ship for delivery to final destination.

All of the cargo sits below the deck of the vessel. This method is commonly only used for loads and merchandise that can not fit inside a standard shipping container.

  • Ideal for larger vehicles that are either to wide or high to fit inside Container : Trucks , Dump Trucks , Buses,Camping Trailers , Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment
  • Quick transit times to base ports


The High and Heavy Specialists


35 years of experience in the International Transport of High and Heavy Cargo


Comprehensive Inland Delivery System:

Company owned fleet of specialized heavy haul trucking equipment


Door to Door Service:

No matter how remote – your shipments are delivered via truck or barge


Cost Effective:

Our Project department maintains volume contracts with shipowners , agents and terminal operators. Problems related to heavy cargo shipping are identified and solved quickly, so that your move is smooth and cost-effective.

– Road Building Equipment / Machinery
– Trucks , Trailers , Buses , Fire Trucks
– Plant Equipment – full dismantling and assembly


The Equipment to Handle Your Load…

  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy
  • Double Drop Lowboy
  • Single Drop Deck
  • Tri Axle Single Drop


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