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How to Choose the Best Company for Heavy Equipment Shipping?

When shipping heavy loads, you need a know how the shipping of your goods will be done, and a reliable company who will guarantee its safety. But let’s face the truth! There are plenty of options in shipping and many companies will claim a lot of things just to make more money. But heavy equipment shipping is different from regular shipping and requires extra care and expertise. Therefore, as a consumer, you need to be very careful while entrusting someone else with your property.

Finding the Best Option for Shipping Heavy Equipment

If you are curious about what to know before shipping heavy equipment, we wrote a blog post on that topic.

Planning well ahead of time and staying prepared is going to be helpful for you. You need to know about the shipping procedures, what kind of trailers the shipping company will be using, and their Ro/Ro (roll on Roll off) service for loading and unloading during heavy cargo shipping.

When looking for the best international shipping company to relocate your heavy equipment, one thing you definitely want to avoid is the loading truck waiting while you figure out how to load the shipment.

Your non-moving large shipment will need a specialized trailer, such as a Step deck or a Double Drop deck. In the case of international shipment, a flat-rack container on an overseas transport vessel can be used other than the Ro/Ro service.  Some trailers have ramps and some do not, so you need to find out which type the transporter you hired has. Make sure all loading and unloading is done in the presence of a heavy equipment operator on site as the truck driver is likely to be not that knowledgeable about the handling your heavy equipment.

Transporting Options for Heavy Equipment

Shipping companies use a few different types of truck trailers for transporting heavy goods. Learning more about these options will help you choose a suitable company that can provide them.

  1. Flatbeds

Flatbed hauling is perhaps the most common method for shipping heavy loads. A single flatbed, available in different sizes and capacities, is capable of handling the majority of heavy equipment shipping, with a capacity of up to 48,000 pounds.

  1. Tow-Trucks

This is useful for moving your equipment a short amount of distance. Just take the necessary measures for the safe towing of the machinery, such as preparing the gearbox and tires. Tow trucks also come in different types to handle all sorts of types and sizes of equipment.

  1. Special Trailers

Out of the different types of truck trailers used for shipping, step-deck and double-drop trailers are ideal for over-sized or really heavy equipment. These trailers are perfect not just for transporting heavier, but taller goods too. However, you may need a special permit to transit with a taller load, and your transport provider can take care of that for you.

  1. Overseas Shipping

When it comes to shipping heavy equipment overseas, the most common method is Roll-on/Roll-off (RO-RO). In this method, the equipment is driven on and off the transport vessel with the help of ramps.

Flat rack containers, as earlier mentioned, are another option. These racks are equipped to hold up to 88,000 pounds of weight. However, for some international shipping projects, it might be necessary to disassemble your goods before shipping and reassemble it upon arrival.

Factors for Choosing a Good Transporter

Look for these traits to find the best heavy equipment transporter.

  1. Profile Review

Always trust only a licensed shipping company to transport your heavy goods. Do a background check on their license and find out useful information about the service provider. Also, compare their safety ratings before making a choice.

  1. Profile Feedback

The list of extensive feedback of your carrier’s past performance on their website should be a good testimonial of the quality of their service. Search for customers who have used their services for similar shipments before and you will get a good idea of their level of service.

  1. Delivery Time

This is a very important factor, especially if you are on a tight schedule. If your shipping company asks for an excessively long amount of time, then it means that they probably are handling many transfers, and your product can suffer wear and tear in the process. Shorter moves with fewer transfers ensure safer shipping.

On the contrary, you should also be suspicious about an exceptionally short amount of time.

  1. Insurance

Since you are entrusting your valuable property in the hands of the haulers, they need to provide some insurance in case of misplacing or damage. No company wants that, but such is life. You need to make sure that your product is insured. Also, see if your service provider offers marine insurance.

Transparency is the key. Always ask questions to learn more about your heavy equipment transporter. The more information you gather about the shipping company, the easier it will be to compare and choose. If you research on the different factors like cost and time of the move, service quality, and various other things as mentioned above, you will have no trouble getting in touch with the perfect hauler.

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