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How to Ship a Car Easily from Canada to Nigeria?

If you are travelling to Nigeria or live there and want to import cars from Canada, you may be apprehensive about the safety and customs that are involved in the process. But in reality, the process is quite safe and easy. You can opt for RoRo shipping from Canada to Nigeria for your vehicle to ensure absolute safety. When you choose a reliable shipping company to execute the service, a lot of hassle gets simplified. This post outlines the entire shipping process that involve shipping a car from Canada to Nigeria to help you understand the procedures.

Necessary Information and Documents

When you are shipping a car internationally, there are certain documents and information that has to be taken care of to make the procedure smoother. The following are some important information that are required.

  • The classis number of the car
  • The model and making details of the vehicle
  • Year of manufacture of your vehicle model
  • Vehicle identification number or VIN
  • Vehicles older than 15 years are not allowed in Nigeria

The Shipping Processes

The foremost thing you must take note of is the method of shipping your car. RoRo shipping from Canada is a popular mode of international shipping for vehicles as it is convenient. You can easily drive the car in and out of the ship when you opt for this shipping method. The following are the steps involved in the shipping process.

Depending on your location and from where you are shipping, you can opt for container or RoRo shipping. The cost for RoRo shipping depends on the shipper you choose. Your car will be safely commuted to the destination location and this is an open shipping method and the car will not be in a container.

  1. Filling up the Dock Receipt:

The dock receipt is a form that your shipping company will provide you with. You must fill up all the credentials of the car, the sender and the owner in the respective fields. Once it is done, it has to be handed over to your shipping agent.

  1. Processing the Receipt:

Once it is handed over, the dock receipt will be processed and sent back to you in a day or two. The processed receipt will also include the information about the port where the car will be delivered.

  1. Make Copies of the Processed Receipt:

After receiving the processed receipt make at least 6 copies of the receipt or the number of copies as instructed by the shipping company. These will be needed at the port and if you forget to make the copies, you will be charged $1 per copy at the port.

  1. Take the Car and Documents to the Port:

The car has to be taken to the port along with the documents. The port officer will accept the car, stamp the documents and return one stamped and signed receipt to you. This stamp includes the date on which the car is brought to the port. Only items that are a part of the car like car tyres, bumpers and so on will be allowed inside the car during shipping. Your shipping company can give you the best idea regarding this.

  1. Confirm the Shipping Schedule:

If you do not know the estimated date of the shipment setting sail and the possible delivery time, contact your shipping company regarding the same. Often, you may have to pay the shipping fees four or five days after the delivery ship sets sail. Hence, knowing the estimated shipping date is essential.

  1. Bill for Lading

Once you get the notice to pay your shipping fees, it also indicates that your bill for lading is ready. You must clear your payment as soon as possible to receive the bill for lading which will be sent to you when the shipping fees are cleared. If receiving the bill of lading is delayed, you may incur demurrage depending on the length of the period of delay.

  1. Clearing the Shipment at Lagos

As soon as you receive your bill for lading, make several copies of that. Send these copies to your agent in Lagos so that he or she can start communicating about the shipment with the customs contacts the person has. In the meantime, send the original ones too which will be delivered in 5-7 days depending on courier company.

  1. Stay in Touch with Your Agent

Once your agent in Lagos receives your original copies of the bill for lading, they can notify you regarding whether the shipment has arrived in Lagos. If it has arrived, they can start the clearing procedure. Make sure you stay in touch with the agent and ask for regular updates so that they do not leave aside your work and focus on other tasks they have.

If you are in Nigeria and waiting for the car to arrive, you will not be able to control every aspect of the shipping process. In such a situation, you can ask someone you already know to ship the car for you from Canada to Nigeria. Or you can rely on an agent you can trust for this purpose. Viamar Scilla Transport International provides you RoRo shipping from Canada for such international transport. You can easily talk to the experts and get an idea about the procedure from them.

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