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How to Ship Your Motorcycle Safely on a Budget?

How to Ship Your Motorcycle Safely on a Budget?

Whether you are relocating or simply going on a holiday and wish to ride the bike but cannot go all the way on it- motorcycle shipping is an important facility for many. However, you may be apprehensive of the cost involved and unsure about the safety of the procedure. There are various factors which influence the cost altogether. The season, method of shipping and the shipping company are some primary elements.

To ensure you take an informed decision, we have shared some tips which will help you to ship your motorcycle in the minimum rate without compromising its safety.

Shipping date and time flexibility

Motorcycle transport can take anywhere between a week or a couple of days more than that depending on the company, destination and transport condition. To avoid any delay, it is best to book your shipping date in advance and make the plans accordingly. Such advance booking not only ensures smooth transit, but also helps you to get a better quote. Booking the shipping date on a short notice can often incur an extra fee for express delivery. Also, if the motorcycle is shipped way in advance, chances of delay in arrival is minimal as the company gets ample time.

Destination location

The cost of shipping is influenced largely by the distance. Also, if the destination is hard to access, you will incur extra fees. Often large haulers are unable to reach such places and, in such situation, they will meet you in a nearby location they can reach to deliver the shipment. If you are unable to receive the shipment at their mentioned location, an extra fee would be charged to deliver it by travelling that extra mile. For example, if you are opting for motorcycle transport in Ontario to a rather remote destination, the best way to avoid additional charges will be ensuring you have someone to receive the bike at an accessible location.

Weight of the bike

There is a weight limit for a particular shipping charge and exceeding that will mean you will be charged extra. At times, clients have the notion that since the bike does not require a large crate, the shipping charges will not be affected quite forgetting the weight variable. Make sure you ask the shipping company specifically about their weight limits and your bike’s weight and if it will affect the shipping charges to avoid incurring any hidden costs later on when you receive the bill. Such last-minute surprises can lead to your shipment getting stranded and eventually, you will have to pay the extra costs.


Transporters have to provide a liability insurance against the cargo. Under rare circumstances, there are chances of the cargo getting damaged in transit or lost. When you have it covered, you will be able to cope up with the lose to a significant extent. At times, this is inclusive of the price quoted by the transporter. But certain transporters ask for an additional fee for the liability insurance and offers you an option to opt for it according to your preference. Make sure that you negotiate with your transporter and learn in details about the insurance they are providing and what it will cover. Also, take note whether the fees are inclusive or additional to the quote they have offered you. This will help you to avoid any additional cost and keep the fees within a budget.

Method of shipping

The method of shipping or the carrier used is another factor that influence the price. You can ship it through an open or a closed carrier. Many clients believe that open carrier poses troubles and chances of damage are more, but such issues are not entirely out of question even when you are choosing a closed container. Most transporting companies will recommend shipping the motorcycle in a closed container as the probability of damage is less for them. When the container is closed, your bike is protected against the weather condition and any mishap. Also, the documents and accessories that you have sent along with the bike are kept safe too. Do not compromise the shipping method to cut down the cost and save money as this can cost you dearly later on.

Whether you are shipping the bike internationally or within the country to another remote location, all the factors together will influence the quote you are being offered by the company. The experts of the transport company will be able to give you the best idea based on the information you share about your bike and destination location. If you are on a tight budget, pre-planning the move as early as possible will help you to get better deals from the companies. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors you can do it the best way.

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