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Important Questions to Ask Your Shipping Company

Shifting base from one place to another is common with most people. This can be a tedious and stressful procedure. However, if you hire a good and reliable shipping company to transport your valuable possessions from one place to another when you are shifting base or otherwise, you move can be stress free and easy. Most shipping companies offer comprehensive services related to transportation. There are a plethora of service providers but not are reliable. Some may promise timely deliveries at enticingly low costs, but such companies are not at all reliable. They often turn out to be frauds that disappear with all the goods. Hence it is always better to opt for a reliable shipping company with genuine services. This makes choosing a shipping company a daunting task. Here we list out a few questions that you must ask your transporter to help you decide which the best one for you is.


What is your experience in transporting this particular type of goods to a specific location?

While asking this question, you have to find out how experienced the company is in handling and transporting your kind of goods, which could be household goods, automobiles, machinery, inventory, etc. to your desired location.


Do you provide insurance for the goods you transport?

This is a very important factor as you need financial cover for all your goods that are extremely valuable. Goods could be damaged in the course of transit and you will have to face losses if they are not covered by insurance companies. This is a service provided by most shipping and transporting companies.


Do you have any additional costs? Can I get any discounts?

A transportation company can charge on various accounts like packaging, freight and forwarding, pick and drop from specified destinations. It is the responsibility of shipping companies to brief their customers about all the costs that will be incurred. Some companies have hidden costs that are revealed later which could be an additional burden for you. Also find out whether or not they have special discounts or packages.


How long will it take my cargo to reach my destination? 

It is difficult for most shipping companies to provide an exact date of reaching a particular destination. However, genuine and reputed companies give an approximate time frame as to when you can expect your consignment to reach your specified location. Just like all other industries, the shipping industry also has lean and peak periods. Booking your consignment in peak periods like Christmas and preceding months could have you paying more as well as require more time for transportation. Frequency of shipment, distance between two destinations, etc. are also factors that influence the time taken.


What are the services that you offer?

Apart from packaging and transportation, picking up and dropping consignment to exact location and offer door to door services, shipping companies are also supposed to take care of all the paper work required for shipment. Licenses, customs, freight and forwarding papers, insurance, permits, bill of lading, etc. are examples of some documents that are needed in case of transportation. Companies charge nominal fees for these services. Ensure that the company you choose provides these services.

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