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International Shipping from Canada to Europe

With the growing e-commerce markets, shipping to Europe is in high demand. Whether you’re looking to send over heavy machinery, yachts or personal goods from Canada to Europe, look no further than Viamar Scilla. We are your one-stop-shop for all international shipping requirements, from managing inventory to analyzing and solving issues. 
Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc. excels at facilitating hassle-free auto shipping from Canada to destinations across Europe, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. Leveraging over 44 years of logistics and freight forwarding expertise, Viamar ensures your vehicle’s safe, timely, and cost-efficient transport. Their comprehensive service suite includes door-to-door pickups, detailed documentation, and adherence to stringent safety standards, making car shipping to Europe a seamless experience for clients.

Navigating the complexities of importing cars from the UK to Canada is made effortless with Viamar’s dedicated services. This trusted Canadian international shipping company offers personalized solutions that cover every aspect of the import process. From customs clearance to the provision of competitive freight rates, Viamar stands out for its commitment to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring a smooth transition for your prized automobile across continents.

What We Ship?

Shipping your vehicle internationally has never been easier, thanks to Viamar’s specialized auto-shipping methods. As one of the leading international car shipping companies in Canada, our knowledgeable staff ensures a hassle-free process every step of the way. We can ship almost any type of vehicle, from motorcycles and cars to motorhomes, vans, boats, and jet skis. Whether you’re looking into overseas motorcycle shipping or door-to-door international car shipping, Viamar offers customized freight services tailored to your needs.


Have you ever thought of shipping personal effects overseas from Canada alongside your vehicle? We cater to that as well. With consolidated shipping services from Canada, you can avail of shared container or shared shipping options, making the process more cost-effective. With flexible shipping options for all types of vehicles and personal effects under one roof, Viamar stands out as your reliable partner for international moving from Canada to destinations such as Germany, UK, Italy, Albania, and beyond.


Not all auto shipping companies possess the expertise and infrastructure that Viamar brings to the table. We pride ourselves on our capability to ship vehicles regardless of their year of manufacture, type, or condition. Our staff specializes in handling luxury vehicles and ensures the utmost care for vintage cars. Whether you’re relocating or attending an international car show, our door-to-door overseas car shipping provides peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is in expert hands.

Viamar Scilla provides unmatched container shipping solutions to Europe, supporting both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL) options. Their services are designed to meet diverse shipping needs, whether it’s for personal belongings, vehicles, or commercial goods. With a network spanning over 250 ports worldwide, including strategic locations in Europe, Viamar facilitates efficient, secure, and flexible shipping options, reinforcing its position as a leader in European transport logistics.



We specialize in transporting
vehicles across the globe on time
with maximum
safety for a smooth shipping experience.

All-Terrain Vehicles/ATVs
Whether you have a small ATV or an SxS going over 1000 cc, we’ll get it shipped. We make international ATV shipping simple.

Ship your motorcycles to any international location with the help of the leading freight forwarder in Canada.

Transport your snowmobiles with our flexible shipping solutions at competitive rates to experience hassle-free shipping like never before.

RVs & Motorhomes
Faster transit and more affordable global shipping of your RVs and motorhomes is now possible with our flexible ocean shipping services.

Jet Skis
To safely ship your valuable jet skis, use our consolidated container, FCL or RORO shipping.

Boats & Yachts
Our advanced RORO shipping methods ensure the safe and cost-effective transportation of wheel-less vehicles such as boats and yachts.

Golf Carts
Moving golf carts to a new location is a difficult task, but Viamar offers complete shipping solutions for these vehicles.

International Shipping to Anywhere in Europe

No matter where in Europe you want to send your cargo, Viamar can help. Our experts provide affordable and efficient end-to-end shipping for individuals and businesses. Our customer support handles the mundane and complicated tasks while you relax. And if your goods get stuck anywhere, our dedicated team will deal with it. We leverage shipping data to sort cargo according to its destination and cut transit times. Some of the most popular ports in Europe we ship to include Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Saint Petersburg, London, Hamburg, Barcelona, Marseille and Antwerp. Trust us to deliver your cargo without delay or damage.



Middle East


How We Ship?

At Viamar, we follow a very simple, streamlined process for shipping cars, trucks, motorcycles snowmobiles and other types of vehicles globally. First, we determine where your vehicle is going. Then we take care of the documentation even before it’s loaded for shipping. And the best thing about our services? There are no hidden costs.

We employ various shipping methods. From convenient and safe RORO to FCL and consolidated container shipping, we provide everything.

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Full Container Loads

For shipping multiple vehicles, full container shipping is the most cost-effective option as you can book the entire container.

Consolidated/Shared Container

For single shipments, consolidated container shipping is the ideal money saver, making it a perfect solution if you don’t have a big cargo.

Shipping Insurance

With a vision to bridge the logistical gap between Canada and Europe, Viamar has established itself as a pioneer in international shipping services. Offering an array of shipping methods, including air freight and RoRo, Viamar caters to a broad spectrum of shipping needs, from auto shipping to general cargo. Their commitment to innovation, customer-centric approach, and extensive industry knowledge ensure a superior shipping experience to destinations like Germany, the United Kingdom, and France.

If you have shipments that are lost or damaged in transit, don’t worry. Viamar Scilla offers international shipping insurance to cargo and goods being sent to Europe. With our insurance programs, you can rest assured knowing you are covered against material or financial loss from the moment they are packed till they are delivered, no matter where in Europe. The benefits our insurance provides include:

Coverage against damage, delay, loss and theft
Efficient processing of claims
All-inclusive coverage at pocket-friendly rates
An automated reporting system

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