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Moving to Central America

Ensuring Your International Move Is a Success

Moving overseas is a life-changing experience that requires plenty of preparation. The amount of paperwork and details involved makes it vital to hire a reliable and experienced international moving company.

Viamar Scilla is a trusted name when it comes to shipping personal goods and household items to Central America. Our specialists can aid in every aspect of your move. We’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years and ship to all major ports in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras, among other destinations. When relocating from Canada to Central America, trust us

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Helping Clients Move to Any Part of Central America

Viamar Scilla eases the stress and costs of moving to Central America. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge allow us to transport your personal belongings securely. We take pride in being an international moving company with a smart network of shipping experts who can simplify the whole process. That includes not worrying about complicated paperwork – we take care of it for you! Some of the popular ports we ship to include Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

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How We Ship

Viamar Scilla offers fast and flexible international moving services. We guide you every step of the way to Central America and answer any questions. Our convenient solutions save you time and money while lowering the stress of moving overseas. All we need is your destination and we take care of the rest.

Ocean Freight Shipping

Our reliable ocean freight shipping services include picking up your goods, warehousing, packing, shipping, customs and delivery.

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Less than Container Load (LCL)

LCL shipping shares your container (and costs) with other clients whose items share your route.

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Consolidated/Shared Container Load

This is a cost-effective way to send personal items, where goods don’t need to be combined with others.

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Full Container Load (FCL)

Our FCL service is your best choice when you are transporting luxury goods like vintage cars.

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Air Freight

Our air freight services provide a cost-effective way to transport small packages in a timely manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is the best time to get quotes from an international moving company?

It’s best to get quotes at least six months before you have to move.

The best time to get a quote from international moving companies is six months prior to moving day, so you get enough time to compare rates and decide.

Q2. What information does the international moving company need to provide a proper quote?

You need to provide the origin and destination of the move and your goods’ size.

International moving companies generally need some information about the following items to offer a quote. They are:

  • ● The origin and destination of your move.
  • ● The size of the items.
  • ● A detailed description of what is being moved.
Q3. Will the moving boxes be supplied by the shipper?

Yes, they will.

In most cases, your moving company will provide you with the boxes needed to transport your belongings.

Q4. How do I know which mover is most suitable?

Choose a moving company after comparing prices and services.

Although prices can vary depending on the weight of your items and goods, choosing the cheapest one is never the best idea. Instead, read their online reviews to get an idea of the quality of their services.