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Frequently Asked Questions About International Shipping

Shipping internationally, whether you want to transport personal items or business goods, can be confusing. Plus, there are unfamiliar terms that can make the process all the more daunting.

So, it makes sense that you search for answers to your questions to ensure the process goes smoothly.

In this post, our experts answer some frequently asked questions to help kickstart your international shipping process.


FAQ: International Shipping

Do you have questions about international shipping? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked ones.


1. What are the requirements of international shipping?

Inventory management is the most basic one. This means you have to know what you’re having transported.

Carriers require essential details, especially those that may affect the shipping strategy. Getting them right ensures that your items reach their destination properly and on time. These may include the dimension and weight of your goods, to accurately determine the shipping cost. Note: these need to be determined before the items are packed.

International shipping takes time which means your goods may sustain wear and tear. By packaging your products, your shipper ensures they are delivered safe and sound.


2. How do I get a quote?

All you need to do is provide the shipping company with your parcel’s details. They will be able to give you an estimate based on its weight, size and country of destination.


3. What documents are required to ship goods internationally?

Different countries have different requirements so check with your carrier. They can tell you what documents you need to avoid issues clearing customs. Having the right documents printed helps manage your international shipping process more efficiently.

To better understand which documents are required, you can:

  • Research the destination country’s requirements for international shipping;
  • Determine the product’s classification to understand whether a commercial invoice needs to be included;
  • Provide a detailed description of the products being transported to estimate taxes, customs and duties.


4. Is it a good idea to pack my shipment myself?

Most individuals having goods for a business or family relocation transported prefer having their international shipping company do it, as they know professionals are more proficient. Feel free to ask your shipper how much time and money it will take. Having it done professionally, however, tends to save you the time, money and anxiety of wondering if your package will be safe in transit.


5. How long will my shipment take to arrive?

This depends on the destination and method of shipping.


6. Can international shipping companies transport large and/or oddly-shaped items?

This depends on the shipper you choose. Most are used to shipping strangely-shaped things like heavy equipment and furniture. However, these will require specialized packing, from using custom cartons to blanket wrapping, palletizing, shrink-wrapping and crating. Your shipping company can advise you on the most suitable methods for your cargo.


7. What should I do if my package is lost?

Get in touch with your international shipping company. They can conduct a tracking system search. Have your receipt handy to make the claim easier.


8. What should I do if my package is damaged in transit?

Report it to your shipper. Have your shipping receipt on hand as it will detail the cargo and the materials used to pack it.

This post has been prepared for families, individuals and businesses confused by the international shipping procedure. Hopefully, these frequently asked questions and their answers will help you make the best choice for your cargo. If you have more questions, reach out to the management of your international shipping company.

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