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International Shipping Made Easy with RORO Vessels

International Shipping Made Easy with RORO Vessels

Globalized and interconnected world allows us to travel, work, entertain and help each other. Delineating work, competition and progress; shipping of raw and furnished materials, forms the essential part of export and import business. Tons of hulking and substantial goods are carried from Canada to Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America.

Before the process of shipping freights to overseas terminals initiates, you need to load the cargos inside the ocean vehicles. You can realize that loading such voluminous shipments into a transporting medium is no joke. RORO or Roll On/Roll Off is a terminology which indicates towards a loading and unloading procedure of huge and heavy freights.

The Concept

Ships are particularly designed to accommodate loading, storage and unloading of gigantic and enormous shipments. These ships are also called RORO vessels as they exploit the Roll On/Roll Off concept. RORO vessels don’t require the help of containers or cranes; they are engineered and framed with highly developed technical mechanism to support heavy cargos which normal containers cannot.

How the Vessel Works?

  • The heavily-built RORO ocean vessels apply mechanical power to drop down
  • the ramp and chassis, to let the cars, trucks or trailers roll on and off comfortably.
  • The vessel consists of multiple decks where the cargos are stored-in.
  • The goods to be placed on-board are rolled on inside the ship on their own wheels.
  • Similarly, the freights can be rolled down and carried away to their respective destinations.
  • Goods like boats and construction machinery, which are not movable, are accordingly rolled on and off with the help of trailers.
  • The ramps are constructed wide and induced with capacity to endure tons of weight.

Benefits of RORO Shipping

Presence of multiple decks: In RORO shipping you do not stack cargos, this may give you the idea that it limits the prowess of this procedure. Instead, unlike a container, RORO vessel is elephantine with prominent and multiple decks to store goods securely.

Reduced cost: As the shipments can be easily rolled on and down, this concept alone, cuts down the expenditure of long-haul shipping. RORO shipping excludes the use of man power, cranes and containers.

Ease of movement: To eradicate chances of damage caused while loading and unloading, the vessel space is utilized in an efficient planned manner. The decks and sides have driving lanes and openings with proper ventilation system.

No need of preparation: Unlike transporting cargos in containers which requires flawless packing and unblemished unpacking, there is no need of such activities in RORO forwarding. It provides the shipper the convenience of less labour and time.

Types of shipments: With its inbuilt strength and huge capacity to hold, RORO shipping vessels facilitate diverse of furnished and unfurnished cargos.


  • Trucks, Dump Trucks,
  • Fire Trucks, Sleeper Trucks etc
  • Trains and Buses
  • Cars and Heavy vehicles

Non Movable

  • Building materials
  • Forest products
  • Manufacturing materials

RORO ships besides trading are also utilized to carry military equipment. Just because goods cannot be stacked, do not presume unnecessary increase in your expenditure. The ship is designed with improved technology and multiple decks to hold your goods in an organized manner. Transportation in bulk lessens the individual amount. You might get scared anticipating the natural disasters that cargo in an ocean vessel is exposed to. But RORO ships are handled carefully, keeping in mind the nature of the shipments placed inside.

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