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International Shipping to Asia

Asia is a continent of many possibilities. With countries such as China, India, Singapore and Malaysia growing at extraordinary rates, there is a corresponding surge in the shipping of goods as well. Apart from the many hopefuls migrating to Asian countries in search of better jobs, many multinationals are investing in trade partnerships to expand their business. As a result, more cargo is being shipped to Asia. If you’re planning to ship personal or commercial goods to Asia, Viamar’s international shipping services can help.

With over 40 years of experience in overseas shipping, we’ve built a strong reputation in the industry. We specialize in ocean freight forwarding of vehicles and household goods with the assurance of on-time delivery and safe transit. Our international container shipping services are reliable and affordable, with guaranteed customer satisfaction. We have a network of trusted logistics partners and a skilled team to pack, load and unload all types of shipments to ensure the timely and safe arrival of your goods.

What We Ship

Viamar specializes in shipping all types of goods and vehicles. We provide end-to-end freight forwarding solutions through our container shipping services which are designed to assist our customers at every step.

We offer more than four decades of experience, with the most advanced vehicle carrier network in the industry and all the specialized equipment needed to provide high-end service. Apart from providing smooth shipping solutions, we guide clients through the documentation process so there's no difficulty complying with the rules and regulations of the country to which they’re shipping.

We ship a wide range of vehicles of all makes and models. Take a look at the types of vehicles we ship.

Household Goods

Transport household goods safely and quickly with our efficient freight forwarding services.

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General Cargo

From construction equipment to medical supplies, we have the experience of delivering all types of cargo.

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Our auto shipping services are second to none. We offer safe and quick transportation.

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Heavy Equipment

Trust us with your heavy equipment shipping needs. We offer fully secured services.

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Commercial Cargo

Count on us to ship your commercial cargo to any overseas port with the assurance of safe delivery.

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Project Cargo

Transport extra-large and heavy project cargo with our reliable shipping solutions.

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods

We take extra care and precautions when shipping hazardous items like aerosols overseas.


We use special equipment and techniques to ship bulks of logs/lumber to all major ports.

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Boats & Jet Skis

Trust us for safe and on-time delivery of boats and jet skis to any location worldwide.

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International Shipping to Anywhere in Asia

We ship a wide range of goods and vehicles to all major ports of Asia speedily and conveniently. Our rich experience, professional team and advanced equipment have made us one of the leading international shipping companies in Canada. When you trust us with your valuable vehicles and household goods, we ensure that they arrive on time and in the condition you left them. Additionally, we provide marine insurance to cover potential losses and share details to keep track of your shipment.

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How We Ship

Viamar offers flexible and secure shipping solutions while facilitating all document preparation. Our customized shipping methods and well-established connections translate into cost-effective freight forwarding. Get in touch with our team to choose the perfect shipping method for your needs.

Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean freight shipping offers large savings when transporting large goods globally (for example, construction equipment, trucks and yachts).

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Less than Container Load

LCL is a cost-efficient shipment method for small shipments as you pay only for the volume your shipment occupies.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

This inexpensive way to send cargo overseas reduces overhead costs. This streamlines the shipment and ensures leaving on schedule.

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Full Load Container

In this method, a container is fully occupied with goods from a single shipper. This is ideal if you have a lot of goods to ship at one time.

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Air Freight

When time is a major constraint, trust air freight. This is the fastest method for international cargo shipping.

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Shipping Insurance

We understand how valuable your cargo is. Losing it or getting it back in bad shape is a nightmare. That’s why we offer our clients marine insurance to cover in-transit loss, theft or damage to your vehicle, from the port of origin to the destination port. It is also helpful for businesses in managing risks and conducting business without worry. It provides:

  • Peace of mind.
  • Compensation for financial loss.
  • Insurance at competitive rates.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you pack my cargo for me?

Our team of logistics experts has the experience to pack several items, whether it is ocean freight cargo or air freight.
We also specialize in packing oversized and bulky items.

Q. Do I have to pay duties/customs apart from what you quote?

Yes, you need to pay duties /customs.
Customs and duties vary from country to country. The quotation you receive does not include the customs fees as that is what you pay upon your shipment’s arrival.

Q. Do I need shipping insurance?

No, but it is recommended.
It’s not required to buy shipping insurance but it is recommended, especially if you’re shipping high-value items.

Q. Can I track my shipment?

Yes, definitely!
We share tracking details of every shipment with the respective client so they can track their cargo.