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International Shipping to Australia

Viamar gets your goods there quickly

Shipping goods from Canada to Australia can be tricky thanks to the distance. But overseas cargo shipping is no longer a chore thanks to Viamar. Whether you’re sending goods to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, we have international shipping options to match every timeframe and budget.

Whether you’re shipping luxury cars or transporting goods for an overseas client, Viamar takes care of all your freight forwarding needs. We transport all kinds of items, including commercial and household goods and industrial materials, and offer services like door to door and port to port. Our trusted shipping partners make every effort to ensure safe and on-time delivery.

What We Ship

With over 40 years of experience, Viamar Scilla is a trusted name in international shipping. We specialize in shipping all types of goods, including commercial and general cargo, and a wide variety of vehicles, like luxury and vintage cars. Our loyal, experienced and dedicated professionals are committed to ensuring you receive timely, safe and efficient shipping. The people, technology and practices we employ have earned us a reputation for world-class service and excellence. When shipping vehicles to Australia, we make sure they’re factory clean, with no biological material or dirt on them. This process is necessary in order to follow Australia’s strict quarantine regulations and avoid it being confiscated on arrival for failing its quarantine inspection. Apart from taking care of the packing and loading of your vehicles, we also update you regarding your shipment by sharing tracking details.

Household Goods

We provide safe and reliable shipping services for all types of household goods.

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General Cargo

From medical supplies to hazardous goods, we have the expertise of shipping all types of cargo.

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Our auto shipping services are affordable and customizable. We assure damage-free delivery.

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Heavy Equipment

We are your trusted partner for heavy equipment shipping at the most competitive rates.

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Commercial Cargo

Trust us for safe and timely delivery of all types of commercial cargo and construction equipment.

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Project Cargo

Count on us to move your oversized and heavy project-related equipment safely.

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods

We use special containers and skilled expertise for the safe delivery of hazardous goods.


We have special skills and technical know-how of shipping bulks of logs/lumber to all major ports.

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Boats & Jet Skis

Rest assured that your boats and jet skis will reach their destination safely and on-time.

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International Shipping to Anywhere in Australia

Our affordable rates and well-established connections have made Viamar Canada's go-to international shipping company. Australia’s economic stability, meanwhile, has opened a world of opportunity for foreign businesses. To that end Viamar safely and dependably transports goods to all major ports in Australia, including Adelaide, Fremantle, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We provide reliable customs clearance and cargo freight shipping, and you don’t have to worry about paperwork. We can ensure smooth shipping and timely delivery of your goods to any part of Australia.

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How We Ship

Viamar Scilla offers simple, streamlined shipping methods for all types of goods and vehicles to suit your needs, timeframe, and budget. From determining the best shipping method and sorting paperwork to packing, loading, unloading and delivery, we do it all. And with access to more than 250 ports and destinations worldwide, we guarantee on-time delivery at competitive rate

Ocean Freight Shipping

Save money when transporting bulk quantities of goods with this more leisurely shipping method.

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Less than Container Load

Ideal for small goods, our LCL service transports goods in the quickest and most economical manner.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

Book part of a container instead of the entire space to save money on your shipping costs.

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Full Load Container

Ship multiple items in a single container with our Full Container Load shipping.

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Air Freight

Nothing beats air freight method in terms of speed. If you want safe and super-fast delivery, go for this method.

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Shipping Insurance

Viamar Scilla is committed to providing you with global shipping insurance for all types of cargo. We offer two types of insurance coverage – Total Loss (“C” Clause) and All Risk (“A” Clause). If you want to insure your high-value cargo against potential loss or damage, simply consult us and we’ll provide you with the best marine insurance rates in the industry. By purchasing our shipping insurance policy, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Coverage against loss, fire, theft and natural calamities
  • Multiple insurance options
  • Great rates
  • Peace of mind
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services do you provide?

We offer a range of shipping services.

We offer a complete range of services such as door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal. We also take care of all paperwork. Beyond that, we provide weekly sailing from Toronto to all major destinations, a fully-insured warehouse and two weeks of free storage.

2. How long will it take for my shipment to reach its destination?

This depends on many factors.

The duration of shipping depends on various factors, including weather, the pickup location and its destination. Lean and peak periods in shipping may also affect transportation time.

3. How far in advance do I need to book my service?

The sooner the better.

The earlier you book, the easier it will be to schedule your shipment. Two weeks in advance is usually recommended. However, we also deal with emergency situations on an individual basis. Extra charges may apply.

4. Will I be kept up to date on the status of my transport?

Yes, you can track the status.

We constantly update you as to the status of your cargo transport, so you know exactly when it will arrive. For any queries, call us toll-free at 1-800-277-7570.