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International Shipping to Europe

With the growing e-commerce markets, shipping to Europe is in high demand. Whether you’re looking to send over heavy machinery, yachts or personal goods from Canada to Europe, look no further than Viamar Scilla. We are your one-stop-shop for all international shipping requirements, from managing inventory to analyzing and solving issues. With over 40 years in the industry, we’ve created a name for ourselves as one of Canada’s safest, most efficient and fastest international shippers. You can rely on us to get the job done properly, from beginning to end.

What We Ship

Viamar Scilla can make the task easier. We offer all-inclusive international shipping services to send cargo from Canada to Europe using an experienced team and an extensive network of logistics partners. Our loaders have been in the industry for years and ensure your cargo is transported safely and on time. Get in touch with one of our international shipping experts to discuss your requirements and understand which method is the best fit for you. We ship commercial and project cargo aside from general cargo, household goods, and all types of vehicles.

Household Goods

We offer cost-effective solutions to transport household belongings overseas via our ocean freight forwarding services.

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General Cargo

Our efficient shipping solutions have the flexibility to send a wide variety of general cargo overseas and on time.

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From vintage cars to motorcycles, our vehicle shipping services are available for all major international locations.

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Heavy Equipment

We can handle the overseas shipping of oversized, heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles, including bulldozers.

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Commercial Cargo

We offer our commercial cargo shipping services at competitive prices to provide strong support to your supply chain.

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Project Cargo

Our team specializes in handling a wide array of project cargo so it reaches you in the shape it was shipped.

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods

With the help of special containers and a skilled team, we handle hazardous goods with care to ensure timely delivery.


We are specialists in handling, loading and shipping bulks of logs/lumber to all major ports.

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Boats & Jet Skis

We have the experience to ship all types of wheel-less motor vehicles, including boats and jet skis.

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International Shipping to Anywhere in Europe

No matter where in Europe you want to send your cargo, Viamar can help. Our experts provide affordable and efficient end-to-end shipping for individuals and businesses. Our customer support handles the mundane and complicated tasks while you relax. And if your goods get stuck anywhere, our dedicated team will deal with it. We leverage shipping data to sort cargo according to its destination and cut transit times. Some of the most popular ports in Europe we ship to include Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Saint Petersburg, London, Hamburg, Barcelona, Marseille and Antwerp. Trust us to deliver your cargo without delay or damage.

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How We Ship

We understand how difficult it can be to comprehend international shipping. That's why we streamline and simplify the process. First, we take details of your delivery location and prepare all the necessary documentation to ensure smooth transportation. Then, we load your goods so they are transported safely. Our well-established network of connections allows us to ship a wide range of cargo to all major European ports.

Ocean Freight Shipping

Our reliable ocean freight shipping services are suitable for cargo and goods that take up the entire container.

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Less than Container Load (LCL)

Our LCL international shipping is perfect for cargo that doesn’t have enough items to fill up the full container.

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Consolidated/Shared Freight Shipping

This cost-effective method is ideal for shippers who are willing to combine their packages with that of others.

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Full Container Load (FCL)

Our FCL shipping services are best for valuable goods and cargo such as luxury vehicles and yachts.

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Air Freight

When you need the quickest deliveries, we use the air freight method. It is safe and extremely convenient.

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Shipping Insurance

If you have shipments that are lost or damaged in transit, don't worry. Viamar Scilla offers international shipping insurance to cargo and goods being sent to Europe. With our insurance programs, you can rest assured knowing you are covered against material or financial loss from the moment they are packed till they are delivered, no matter where in Europe. The benefits our insurance provides include:

  • Coverage against damage, delay, loss and theft
  • Efficient processing of claims
  • All-inclusive coverage at pocket-friendly rates
  • An automated reporting system
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which European ports does Viamar ship to?

Viamar covers ports across Europe.

Our cargo and goods are shipped to Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Valencia, Athens, Algeciras, Gioia Tauro, Felixstowe, Barcelona, Istanbul, Le Havre, Genoa, Southampton, Sines, Gdansk, London, La Spezia and Izmit.

2. How do I work out the cubic feet?

Follow this formula.

If you are sending a vehicle to Europe through international shipping, measure along the width, height and length of the car. The same is applicable to cargo goods. Stack all the items and measure along the same points to get inches. Once you have this, multiply all three measurements together and divide the number by 1728 to know the accurate cubic feet of your shipment.

3. Are there any specific items I can’t ship to Europe?


If there are items that cannot be imported, you will be notified before checkout. Some things which may be restricted include alcohol, foods, fragile items, bulky items and seeds.

4. I have more questions. What should I do?

Get in touch with us.

Please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team with any questions related to international shipping to Europe.