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International Shipping to The Middle East

Are you looking for a trusted international shipping company to provide safe and quick cargo transportation to the Middle East? With Viamar Scilla, you can rest assured knowing that your cargo will be delivered by the fastest, most direct route available. Whether you’re sending goods to Abu Dhabi, Doha, Alexandria or Aden, we have a range of international shipping options to match every timeframe and budget.

We ship all kinds of goods, including commercial and household items and industrial materials. Whether you’re shipping cargo as a one-time deal or as part of an ongoing business expansion, we can take care of all your goods transportation needs. Our trusted shipping partners make every effort to ensure safe and on-time delivery of your goods.

What We Ship

With over 40 years of experience in freight forwarding, we ship a wide range of cargo to different parts of the world. Although we transport all types of goods for commercial and household purposes, we also ship heavy equipment and oversized commercial cargo.

We have loyal, experienced and dedicated professionals committed to ensuring our clients receive timely, safe and efficient shipping services. We also handle all international customs requirements and compliance, so you’re not burdened with unnecessary stress. When you choose Viamar for your international shipping needs, you choose value for money and peace of mind. Take a look at the types of vehicles we ship.

Household Goods

Shipping your household goods to an overseas location couldn’t get safer than with our shipping services.

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General Cargo

Trust our efficient shipping services for transporting general cargo like finished steel products and fertilizers.

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Our international shipping services are fully customizable to suit any individual auto transport needs.

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Heavy Equipment

We are your trusted partner for safe, convenient, efficient and on-time shipping of heavy equipment.

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Commercial Cargo

We offer reliable commercial cargo shipping services to all parts of the world, including the Middle East.

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Project Cargo

We assure safe and quick delivery of oversized project cargo with our reliable shipping solutions.

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods

Ship hazardous items like dry ice and lithium batteries with our special shipping containers.


Send bulks of logs/lumber to any major location in the Middle East at an affordable rate.

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Boats & Jet Skis

From leisure boats to jet skis, we have the resources to ship all types of vehicles, even those without wheels.

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International Shipping to Anywhere in The Middle East

The Middle East offers a thriving market for business. Many people are beginning to realize the benefits of living here, including a thriving job market, tax-free salaries, financial growth and quality of life.Viamar provides safe and dependable transportation of goods to all major ports in the Middle East, including Jeddah Islamic Port, Khor Fakkan and Port of Aqaba. We provide reliable customs clearance and cargo freight shipping so you don’t have to worry about filling out paperwork. Our long-term associations with our logistical associates enable us to deliver even to remote places.

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How We Ship

We follow a simple, streamlined process to ship all types of goods and vehicles. From determining your best shipping method and sorting the paperwork to packing, loading, unloading, and delivery, we do it all. As a leading international transport and logistics company, Viamar offers shipping solutions designed to transport all types of cargo, irrespective of their size, brand, make or model, across the Middle East.

Ocean Freight Shipping

When time isn’t a constraint, you can choose this more leisurely but low-cost freight forwarding method.

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Less than Container Load

Ideal for small goods, our LCL service transports goods in the quickest and most economical manner.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

Save time and transport costs by booking part of a container instead of the entire space.

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Full Load Container

Save time and money on multiple cargo shipments with our Full Container Loads.

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Air Freight

Trust our fast, reliable and cost-effective air freight services to send goods internationally.

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Shipping Insurance

Even though the safety of your cargo is our primary concern, we still recommend marine or cargo insurance. Viamar is authorized by Lloyd’s of London to provide you with global shipping insurance on all types of cargo and shipping methods. Our marine insurance will prove beneficial in the following ways:

  • Coverage against loss, fire, theft and natural calamities
  • Multiple insurance options
  • Great rates
  • Peace of mind
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I track my cargo while it’s being shipped to Abu Dhabi?

Yes. Tracking details will be shared with you.
Our customer support team will share the tracking details of your consignment so you get peace of mind.

2. How should I prepare my car for shipping?

There are a few things to take note of.
Disconnect auto alarms and anti-theft systems and remove personal belongings. Secure loose items, like antennas, and remove car covers.

3. What does your marine cargo insurance cost?

It depends on a few factors.
Pricing can range from 0.75% to 2.5% of the value insured, depending on your circumstances and the coverage options. Other key factors are the goods insured, loss limits, the deductible and country of origin.

4. How long will it take to ship my vehicle from Canada to Riyadh?

We cannot guarantee a specific time.
This depends on the type of shipping method chosen. While we provide an expected date of departure and arrival, these cannot be guaranteed.