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International Shipping To North America

North America is the import-export hub for many multinationals. Apart from the transportation of goods from other parts of the world, North American countries have strong trade ties within the continent. For example, the trade relationship between the United States and Canada is the second-largest in the world after China and the United States. But this robust trade and seamless transition from one country to another is not possible without a reliable international shipping company.

If you’re looking to transport goods to any part of North America, we can help. Viamar is one of the leading freight forwarding companies, with a powerful network of logistical partners around the world. From household goods to vehicles, we can ship almost anything, anywhere.

What We Ship

Viamar Scilla specializes in shipping a wide variety of goods to all key international ports. We aid individuals and businesses in transporting large shipments safely and affordably. Whether you want to ship your household goods, vehicles or commercial cargo, our customized shipping solutions will come in handy. With over 40 years experience providing customers with best-in-class services, we've built a strong reputation for delivering shipments undamaged and on time.

Household Goods

Get your furniture and other personal belongings delivered on time with our reliable services.

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General Cargo

No matter the size and shape of your shipment, we will ensure its safe and timely arrival.

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We have the experience to ship all kinds of vehicles, including vintage cars, sports motorcycles and oversized trucks.

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Heavy Equipment

From industrial machinery to bulldozers, our skilled team specializes in loading, shipping and delivery of heavy equipment.

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Commercial Cargo

Our team of packing professionals has the expertise to handle commercial cargo of any weight or dimension.

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Project Cargo

We have the technical know-how to ship project cargo, including high-value or critical pieces of equipment by air or sea.

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods

We follow proper packing procedures and protocols to load dangerous goods in special containers before shipping.


We are experts at international shipping of bulk orders of logs/lumber with precision, safety and professionalism.

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Boats & Jet Skis

Trust us to ship watercraft like boats, yachts and jet skis to all key locations worldwide.

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International Shipping to Anywhere in North America

From the Ports of Saint Pierre and Miquelon to Mexico's Port of Altamira, our strong network of logistics partners helps us ship anywhere in North America. We provide regular and comprehensive shipping services from and within the continent to connect businesses with their key markets and partners globally. Our team of overseas shipping specialists work together to ensure you get the optimal shipping solution for your cargo. Here’s the list of locations in North America that we provide shipping services to.

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How We Ship

We offer affordable and flexible overseas freight forwarding solutions. Whether you’re sending small or heavy consignments, we provide bespoke methods to accommodate your needs with guaranteed satisfaction. We also help you with the paperwork and compliance with customs regulations so there’s nothing you need to worry about.

Ocean Freight Shipping

Leverage our ocean freight shipping services to deliver heavy cargo in a cost-effective, reliable and convenient way.

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Less than Container Load

This economical method lets you combine your shipments with that of others in the same container.

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Consolidated/Shared Container

In this method, you pay only for the space your cargo takes up. This helps reduce overhead costs without compromising on service.

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Full Load Container

FCL saves transit times as your cargo is not loaded and unloaded together with other shipments. Less handling means less damage.

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Air Freight

This method reduces the risk of goods being damaged and allows fast delivery of shipments globally, which is ideal for perishable goods.

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Shipping Insurance

With Viamar’s exceptional overseas freight forwarding services, you get the added benefit of cargo insurance. This provides coverage against all risks of physical loss or damage. Our cargo marine insurance certificates are authorized and prepared through Lloyd's of London. With our shipping insurance, you get:

  • Coverage for your financial losses.
  • Peace of mind.
  • A quick and easy claims process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I track the status of my international shipment?

You can track the status of your shipment easily with the help of tracking details we share with you.

Q2. Are there any additional costs due upon receipt of my order?


Apart from shipping costs, you have to pay for the customs clearance. The amount depends on the destination country.

Q3. Is there anything I can’t ship internationally?

This depends on the country.

Every country has a list of items banned by customs for security reasons. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with international customs by doing a little homework.

Q4. Does the size of the vehicle matter when shipping?


The size of the vehicle matters as it determines how much space it will take and which shipping method is needed.