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Less than Container Load Shipping

Don’t have enough cargo to fill the entire space of a standard container? Looking for a cost-saving international shipping method? Viamar Scilla offers a flexible method of shipping from Canada. Known as Less than Container Load, or LCL shipping, cargoes from different consignors are loaded into a single container space and the cost is divided amongst them. Another advantage is that you don’t need to wait until you have enough products to fill a container. For smaller to medium-sized businesses, LCL is often the more cost and logistically-effective method of shipping freight internationally.


We specialize in transporting
vehicles across the globe on time
with maximum
safety for a smooth shipping experience.

All-Terrain Vehicles/ATVs
Whether you have a small ATV or an SxS going over 1000 cc, we’ll get it shipped. We make international ATV shipping simple.

Ship your motorcycles to any international location with the help of the leading freight forwarder in Canada.

Transport your snowmobiles with our flexible shipping solutions at competitive rates to experience hassle-free shipping like never before.

RVs & Motorhomes
Faster transit and more affordable global shipping of your RVs and motorhomes is now possible with our flexible ocean shipping services.

Jet Skis
To safely ship your valuable jet skis, use our consolidated container, FCL or RORO shipping.

Boats & Yachts
Our advanced RORO shipping methods ensure the safe and cost-effective transportation of wheel-less vehicles such as boats and yachts.

Golf Carts
Moving golf carts to a new location is a difficult task, but Viamar offers complete shipping solutions for these vehicles.

What Is Less than Container Load Shipping?

LCL is a convenient and cost-effective method of freight forwarding. Here, the consolidator or shipping company arranges a full container, then combines the shipments of other shippers and separates each at the final destination. This is an ideal choice for individuals and businesses without enough goods to fill an entire container. Instead of paying for the full space, shippers consolidate their goods with other consignees to maximize space and reduce costs. It is the safest and preferred mode of overseas shipping as the goods are sent in an enclosed container and the cost is shared.

Benefits of Less Than Container Shipping (And When to Use It)

With LCL you are able to transport smaller amounts of cargo when FCL is not a viable option. For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s easier to keep a close watch on the inventory volumes. Instead of a flat rate per container, LCL shipping charges are based on the volume of the container space, which is calculated per cubic metre. Therefore, you only have to pay for the volume needed for your shipment instead of its weight.

Low Shipping Cost

With an LCL load, you’ll be paying a much lower rate compared to a full container. Instead of weight, the cargo is charged on volume-based storage space (per cubic meter).



Easy Unloading

Unlike FCL shipping, where the goods are delivered to you in a container stuck on the back of a truck, LCL shipments are often palletized using a roller system. This makes unloading easier.

Better Scheduling

Aside from having a team for scheduling freight pickup, transit and delivery, we also send notifications about the shipping status. This gives you more time to prepare for shipment and delivery.


Seasonal Benefit

During peak season, when demand for small containers is high and capacity is near full, LCL can be easier to find and faster than FCL or other types of container shipping.

Greater Flexibility

With FCL, you need to ship a certain volume to make it a viable shipping option; as a small or startup business, needing to buy a large amount of stock may not be feasible.




Production-Based Shipment

If your business produces in lower volumes then LCL is a more convenient option. You need not worry about producing in high volume to fill the entire container.

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