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International motorcycle shipping

Whether you are planning to ship your motorcycle cross-country or overseas, let the best motorcycle shipping company in Canada assist you. As a leading name in international motorcycle shipping for more than four decades, we take pride in our specialized motorcycle transport services. Our team takes extra care of your vehicle(s) during the process so you can rest assured that your personal or commercial shipment is in safe hands.

What you get shipping with viamar

There are many ways to store and transport cargo. Viamar Scilla has thrived in the logistics and freight forwarding industry, and has proved itself proficient at loading and unloading motorcycles. With over 250 ports and all the major airlines accessible to us, we guarantee on-time delivery of your possessions anywhere in the world. With our door-to-door transportation, you can stay stress-free, as we will pick up your motorbike and drop it at the specified destination unscathed. If you need more assurance, then you can get marine insurance from us as well.

We have agencies all over the world to help us keep a close watch on your cargo. An experienced team of individuals experienced in handling motorcycles, a well-built personal warehouse, air freight and container shipping are few of the many services we offer to our customers.

What you need to know before shipping your motorcycle

As the owner of your vehicle, there are some responsibilities that fall on your shoulders if you want a smooth transport.


  • Trust only a reputable company which has enough experience to handle your motorcycle.
  • Make sure your transport provider has access to all the latest technologies for smooth logistics and freight forwarding.
  • Find out how well are your freight forwarders acquainted with the overseas rules and whether they are going to provide insurance for your motorcycle.

Ship The Way You Want

At Viamar, you get the choice of land, air or ocean shipping. With our 20” and 40” containers, and open and closed trailers, there are options with the container size and trailer type. However, as a motorcycle owner, you may find more relief with a closed trailer as it will enable us to safely load your motorbike, keep it tied up, and then ride it off the truck. With closed trailers, you do not have to worry about disassembling or reassembling your vehicle either. The motorcycle is tied with soft straps to avoid dents, bent or damage during the movement, and is kept secured inside a metal or wooden pallet, to save it from getting hit from any sides, top and bottom.

We offer doorstep pick-up and delivery services for our customers, making the transportation as smooth as possible, no matter where in the world.

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