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Ontario Vehicle Registration & amp: Licensing Requirements Guide!

Welcome to Ontario! Hope you enjoy living in this beautiful province full of indigenous art, Victorian architecture and a wide variety of foods (thanks to our multi-cultural population).

If you are planning to bring your vehicle with you, then you must fulfill certain requirements to register it, and obtain the proper licence before starting the journey.

Ontario Vehicle Registration Requirements

Begin by going through the official information page about registration and license requirements. There are three things to note from the page.

Commercial Vehicles

If you’re transitioning your work vehicle to personal use, there are certain documents that need to be presented.

  • Proof of insurance, title (out of province ownership)
  • Complete bill of sale (if the vehicle is not in your name)
  • Safety Standard Certificate
  • Structural safety assessment (if the vehicle is “rebuilt”, “salvage” or an equivalent) Proof of Emission test

International Vehicles

If you bought your vehicle outside Canada, you must complete the customs clearance vehicle import Form 1. These are available at the Canada Border Service Agency. For first-time registration, you must also provide a valid proof of identity that has your name, date of birth, signature and driver’s license number or registrant identification number.

Out-of-province Vehicles

Bringing an out-of-province vehicle into Ontario also requires a valid proof of identity with the same information mentioned earlier. Once registered in Ontario, Retail Sales Tax (RST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will result in a 13% charge on vehicles that are purchased privately in Canada. If you are planning on becoming a resident of Ontario, you can declare an exemption at the time of registration.

Follow the specified procedure which applies to you. Get the documentation done on time and explore our lovely province, and your new without worry.

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