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Myths Busted About Auto Transportation

Myths Busted About Auto Transportation

The best way to transport your vehicle from one place to another is probably to hire professional auto transportation services. Most companies providing these services have teams of professionals who oversee the entire transportation process right from paper work to delivering your vehicle to the doorstep without any hassle. Despite its many benefits, there are certain common beliefs rather myths that prevent many people from hiring these convenient and dependable services.

Myth 1: Auto transportation services are unsafe

This is completely untrue and adequate care is taken by transportation companies to safeguard your vehicle during movement. They are not only hauled safely into carriers that could be either open or enclosed but well fastened too. Drivers who operate the carriers are also well trained and experienced in driving them. Though there is additional protection in the case of enclosed carriers, one has to pay extra for it and may be required for antique or premium cars but not for regular cars, for which open carriers are good enough.

Myth 2: Auto transportation is expensive

This is another myth that needs to be busted. Auto shipping is not expensive and if you are planning to move your vehicle from one place to another it is best if you conduct an online research and get a few free quotes. Comparing these quotes will give you a fair idea as to how much it shall cost you as most of these rates are pretty competitive. However, prices may marginally vary from company to company and even in different seasons like they could be higher in summers, when people relocate more as compared to winter. Also check for hidden costs, insurances, documentation fees, etc. so that you don’t end up being fleeced.

Myth 3: Auto transportation services are unnecessary

Much contrary to the belief, auto or vehicle shipping services are very essential and not at all unnecessary as considered by many. Most of these companies are extremely reliable and offer comprehensive services ensuring stress free relocation for you. They have professionals on board who are experts in handling vehicles at every stage. Sound paper work forms a part of their transportation process that covers vehicles for damages which are almost non-existent owing to the extreme care taken in treatment of vehicles. All this ensures that you are stress free about your vehicle allowing you to focus on other important aspects of a relocation.

Myth 4: Auto transportation is good only for inland transfers

This is another false notion that is common. Auto shipping in Canada is good not only for inland transfers but also for overseas relocations as well. In case of outbound transfers, one needs to choose a well known and reputed shipping service like Viamar that has widespread global network through strategic partnerships with other transportation companies that has them operating in over 250 destinations worldwide.

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