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How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping during Winter?

The winter season tends to slow down the auto shipping industry because of the harsh weather conditions. Freezing temperatures, ice, rain, and snow can create hassles for auto shippers. However, as customers who need their cars to be shipped, you don’t always have the opportunity to choose when you’re going to move. Based on your circumstances, you may have to opt for wintertime shipping.

For first-timers, it may seem a bit complicated but when you make the right preparations and take the required safety precautions, you can move your car conveniently.

Essential tips for preparing your vehicle for winter transportation

 In today’s blog post, we’ll give you some essential tips to prepare your vehicle for shipping during the winter season.

  1. Wash and Wax Your Car

Although it’s necessary to wash your car before shipping regardless of the season, you should pay extra attention to washing and waxing during the winter months. Make sure to thoroughly wash away the dust and mud that accumulate in the wheel wells and under the car. Note that the winter weather can dull the paint and shine of your vehicle making it vulnerable to rust and oxidation. Waxing your car will help keep your car clean and protected from snow, ice, and salt. They hit hard and stay longest on quarter panels, behind the wheels and front grille. Make sure to concentrate on these areas when waxing your car.

  1. Lubricate Door Locks and Seals

To prevent the door locks, seals and hinges from freezing, lubricate them with a weatherstrip spray. Also, check if all the doors and hatches close properly to avoid snow or any water from gettingting inside the vehicle. It’s a good idea to put a moisture absorber inside the car before shipping it.

  1. Check Fluid Levels and Premium Fuel

Give a thorough check to all service fluid levels such as antifreeze, transmission, brake fluid, power steering and oil before hauling. Ask your auto shipper how much the tank has to be filled. It’s best to use premium fuel to fill it. This is because lower quality fuel is not suitable for car shipping during the winter months as the car will be constantly exposed to low temperatures. It can put the vehicle’s gas lines at risk which certainly you won’t like to deal with.

  1. Check the Car Battery

If your car battery isn’t new, have it checked because batteries tend to die much faster in the winter season. Make sure that the terminals are clean, tight and show no signs of corrosion. This will ensure that delivering your car doesn’t get delayed by the auto shipping company after reaching your destination. You can also consider keeping jumper cables or a booster pack in your car to combat unexpected battery failure.

Since debris, dirt and grime are more common on the roads during winter, the risks of paint and windshield damage are a lot higher than other times of the year. It’s recommended that you go for an enclosed auto shipping method to transport your vehicle safely and in good condition.

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