How to Prepare Your Car before Shipping

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How to Prepare Your Car before Shipping

If you’re moving to a new city or to a new country, you have two options if you want to take your car with you. You can either drive it to your new destination or ship it through a reputed auto shipping company. If you decide to go for the second option, then there are a few things to do to prepare your car before shipping.

Opting for a car shipping service may seem complex if it’s your first time doing so; because you aren’t sure what to expect from the process. Here are a few tips on how to best prepare your car to make sure it’s safe, secure and ready-to-drive when unloaded.

  1. Wash Your Car and Inspect Thoroughly 

Give your car a thorough wash. After you’re done washing it, take some time to inspect your car in detail. Look for scratches, dents or any other exterior damage and keep detailed personal records. Also, take photos of your car from all angles. Before shipping, make sure to verify your data with your auto shipper. These records will help you verify whether any damage has occurred during the transportation. Shipping your car in a clean condition will make it easier for you to spot damages.

  1. Remove all Personal Items from the Inside of the Car 

Empty the car of your personal belongings before dropping it off at the auto shipping company. If you leave items inside the car and they shift places during transportation, there is a risk of damage to the car interior. Leaving things inside also increases the risks of theft and damage of goods. Also consider removing all custom car accessories.

  1. Check Your Car for Mechanical Issues 

If your car has problems with its brakes, clutch or gear, inform the auto shipper. Check the weather conditions and the anti-freeze level. Make sure to disable your car alarm and keep the car tires inflated before shipping. Car alarms are triggered during shipment and can drain your car battery resulting in difficulties during transportation.

  1. Empty at Least Half of Your Gas Tank 

Most auto shipping companies include the weight of the car when charging you. If you leave your car with a full gas tank, it’ll increase the weight and the transportation costs. On the shipping day, leave only about a quarter tank of gas so that it doesn’t add too much extra weight.

  1. Some Additional Tips 

Here are some additional things to consider before shipping your car.

  • Make sure to check the insurance policy of your selected shipping company. See if the insurance covers GPS systems, music system, etc. If they’re not covered, consider removing them before shipping.
  • Depending on where you’re moving to and the condition of your car, it may be more economical to buy a new car rather than ship your current vehicle. For example, if you’re moving to a country where the steering should be situated on the opposite side, it’d be impractical to ship your car. Also, check vehicle restrictions in the country you’re moving to.

Choosing an auto shipping company within your budget and schedule can be a challenge. For a free quotation, contact Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc. today!

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