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Preparations for Motorcycle Shipping Internationally

Are you moving overseas? Want to take your motorcycle along? Of course you do. And with the help of a shipping company, you can.

It’s a delicate job, though, one that requires a great amount of care and effort, starting with you. Indeed, you need to get your motorcycle ready before the shippers arrive at your door.

Here’s how to best prepare your motorcycle for shipping.

Motorcycle Shipping Preparations

Motorcyclists love their rides, and a good shipping company will too. To help them out, ask what preparations they require prior to pickup. They will likely include these points.

Preparing the Outside of the Motorcycle

Thoroughly Clean It
Thoroughly wash and clean your bike to ensure there’s no dirt and soil left on its tires. This way you’ll be able to better monitor its condition.

Note Its Condition
Carefully inspect its current condition. This will not only help with shipping but help you avoid issues regarding any insurance claim. Write down every existing scratch, dent or bit of cosmetic damage, as well as mechanical problems. To that end take pictures from every possible angle, including close-ups of any noticeable damage. Record these along with dates to show your mover before or at the time of transport.

Remove All Loose Items
Remember, the mover is only responsible for the safety of your motorcycle. So, make sure there are no loose items attached to it, as they won’t be covered by insurance in case of loss or damage. Make sure to check every part, from storage compartments and trunks to saddlebags, to ensure no valuables are left behind.

Accessories could include:

  • GPS systems
  • Removable stereos
  • Toll tags
  • Luggage or bicycle racks

Also, make sure to check that the fasteners are easily accessible. As your motorcycle could be in transit for days or weeks, it will sustain an ample amount of vibration. Fasteners prevent different parts of the vehicle from falling apart.

Preparing the Inside of the Motorcycle

Besides preparing the motorcycle externally, you must also clean and check your bike internally to ascertain its present condition. This is essential if you need to make any damage claims after it reaches its destination.

The following are a few important things to take care of:

Drain fuel
For safety reasons, movers recommend reducing the fuel level to no more than one-quarter full prior to shipment. If your bike is being shipped internationally, the tank should be completely drained. If it’s not, it will be siphoned by the shipper for an additional hefty charge.

Document mechanical problems
Get your bike thoroughly checked for mechanical problems before being shipped. Note all troubles and the exact state of your bike. Keep this documentation so you can compare it to its condition after reaching its destination. This gives you better grounds for claiming compensation in case of damage.

Inflate tires
Your tires should be completely inflated. As part of your bike’s suspension system, they cushion it in transit. Keeping them properly inflated minimizes damage from bumps and pressure.

Report leaks
Leaks need to be fixed ASAP to prevent damage to not only your vehicle but those being shipped in the same container. Either repair the leak(s) and provide the shipper with complete documentation of it or inform the shipper beforehand. They will be able to advise you best on what should be done.

When shipping a motorcycle, it’s vital that you prepare it properly before handing it over. Follow these steps and you’ll never have to worry about in-transit problems.

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