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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Version 3.1: Last updated in Aug 2020)


Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc. (or “VIAMAR”) has developed this Privacy Policy to inform you of how we protect your information

VIAMAR has one global Privacy Policy for all persons to whom we provide services, which applies to all the business associates and logistics partners of VIAMAR.

VIAMAR respects your privacy, and this Privacy Policy is intended to inform you of how we protect your private, personal information.


(1) Information Covered by This Policy

This Policy covers all non-public, personal information received by us that may be used to identify you (“Personal Information”). This may include a wide variety of information depending upon the services you are set to receive. For example, this could be name and address information (real estate or household goods moving services); social security, date of birth, or other identification numbers (applications or account setup); banking information (mortgage or expense payment services); and/or passport or driver’s license information (visa & immigration services).


(2) General Data Protection Regulation Information

When we are acting at the direction of a corporate client to provide services to you as part of your relocation or assignment, then the client is responsible as the Data Controller for telling us how your Personal Information should be used and processed. Under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, VIAMAR and its family of companies are Data Processors who receive Personal Information and instructions on how to process that Personal Information from the Data Controllers. Where we act as a Data Controller for services you independently request of us (i.e. where we independently determine how any Personal Information is processed), then we manage your Personal Information according to what you have consented to and the terms of this policy. Whether acting as a Data Controller or a Data Processor, we maintain the privacy of your information and only use, share, transfer or store it as permitted.


(3) Personal Information


How We Obtain It?

VIAMAR relies upon many sources of information to understand and meet your needs. We may receive Personal Information about you from:

  • You directly, when you complete an application or when you contact us in person, over the phone, through the mail or through our websites;
  • Your transactions with any of the companies in the VIAMAR family;
  • Consumer reporting agencies;
  • Mortgage, title, appraisal or other companies connected with a financial product or service involved in the sale or purchase of your home;
  • Your employer;
  • Anyone you have authorized to provide information; and
  • Other sources, in connection with providing you with a financial product or service.

Regardless of its source, VIAMAR will not process Personal Information without your consent.

Although we do not receive Personal Information from your browser, we do monitor and store certain types of information about visitors to our website – namely, the type of browser used, the user’s country, whether they were referred to us by a search engine, which of our pages they visit, and how those pages perform on the user’s computer. This helps VIAMAR make decisions on how to better design, streamline and improve performance on our websites. If you do not want this information monitored, you may turn off JavaScript. Please be advised, however, that the websites may not function properly if those settings are turned off.

We also use “cookie” technology to improve your experience on our site. For details on our cookie policy, please see our website.


We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children and will destroy such information if it is disclosed to us without proper parental consent.


(4) Confidentiality and Security

We restrict access to information about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information.


(5) Further Information

We may change our privacy policy at any time. As long as you remain a customer, we will notify you of any modifications as required by law. Should your relationship with us end, we will continue to limit disclosures of your information in accordance with our stated privacy policy. If you would like to confirm the accuracy of the information we have collected from you, or if you have questions about the uses of this information, please contact us.


(6) Data Protection Policy

VIAMAR is committed to ensuring that any information which comes under the scope of this policy will only be used to provide international moving services that we have been contracted to provide.

This also includes any third parties that are related to the provision of International moving services.


(7) Information Sharing & Storage

Depending on the services you are set to receive, your information may need to be shared, used and/or stored globally. Your information will be retained as necessary to provide the services. This may include a period of time after the services are complete in order to comply with our regulatory, audit, contractual, and other legal obligations.


A. Sharing within the VIAMAR Family of Companies

To provide you with the full range of financial, relocation and moving services you may need, VIAMAR takes an integrated approach to our services. In order to be able to provide a full range of services for your needs and make recommendations about a variety of the services offered by VIAMAR, we may share Personal Information among the VIAMAR family of companies.


B. Sharing with non-VIAMAR Family Companies

Depending on the type of services you are to receive, VIAMAR may work with and provide your information to companies or persons outside of the VIAMAR family to provide those services to you. For example, VIAMAR may share personal information to:

  • service and support our operations generally and to support your account and services that we provide to you, including proposed or actual financing, securitization, secondary market sale, or similar transactions;
  • process or administer a transaction or product in connection with a product or transaction that you have requested;
  • data storage and processing;
  • those to whom you have authorized us to disclose the information;
  • other suppliers with whom we have agreements to offer services to you through or with VIAMAR; or
  • other suppliers with whom we jointly market or provide products or services.

We may also share your Personal Information with these other organizations outside of the VIAMAR family when required by law. For example, we may share personal information to:

  • protect against fraud;
  • respond to a subpoena or summons; or
  • respond to law enforcement or regulatory authorities.

We will not disclose your Personal Information to anyone outside of VIAMAR unless you have authorized us to do so or as otherwise indicated in this Policy or as required by law.


We maintain agreements with our external suppliers limiting the use of your Personal Information only for the purposes you have intended in providing the information. These suppliers are bound to uphold our standards and procedures regarding privacy under the terms of our agreements with them.


(8) Data Security

VIAMAR will make every reasonable effort to keep Personal Information accurate while we are using that information to serve you. VIAMAR appreciates your cooperation in maintaining complete and up-to-date Personal Information and will facilitate your efforts in this regard. VIAMAR retains Personal Information for as long as we have determined it is needed for the purposes for which it was received or as required by contractual, recordkeeping, or other legal requirements.


We limit access to Personal Information about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide products and services to you. We do not sell your Personal Information.


We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your Personal Information. We regularly assess security standards and procedures to protect against unauthorized access to Personal Information.


We store your Personal Information on servers that may be located in various countries but always in compliance with this policy and all applicable data privacy laws and regulations.


You should always safeguard your own Personal Information by protecting passwords used to access a VIAMAR system and by safely disposing of records and reports no longer needed.


VIAMAR will notify and work with regulatory and/or law enforcement officials as required by law to address any issues or security breaches where they arise.


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