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When Enclosed Auto Transport Is Your Best Bet?

For a smooth international car shipping experience, it’s important to choose the right shipping method.

RORO (or “Roll-On/Roll-Off”) shipping is a preferred international auto transport method because it’s easy and fast.

But there are situations where enclosed auto transport is best. Here are a few scenarios where you should choose an enclosed container to ship your vehicle.

Enclosed Auto Transport: When to Choose

While many people prefer transporting their cars through RORO, there are situations where enclosed auto transport is more beneficial. Those situations are:

1) When you’re shipping a collectible vehicle

From high-end collectible cars to expensive sports cars, there’s a huge market of collectors who buy exotic cars either as an investment or hobby. If you’ve bought a collectible car, you’ll probably want to go with enclosed auto transport.

When you send a rare vehicle in an enclosed container, you ensure its protection from damage. You can also transport up to four rare vehicles in one consignment if you book a 40-foot container.

2) When the weather is bad

Many car owners choose not to ship their vehicles in colder months as snowstorms and freezing temperatures can increase the risk of damage. This is especially true of vintage cars or those with a customized paint job.

If you need your car shipped urgently, enclosed auto transport will make things easier. When your motor vehicle is inside a covered container, bad weather conditions won’t affect it. Plus, you can rest assured that your customized paint job remains untouched.

3) When your car’s an antique

You can’t afford to damage an antique car by shipping it through open air or RORO shipping. Instead, move it via an enclosed container as your vehicle will be fully secured.

4) When you’re shipping more than one car

When you ship multiple automobiles through RORO, there’s a chance your shipment won’t arrive or be unloaded together. But when you ship in a 40-foot enclosed container, which can accommodate up to four mid-sized vehicles, all your cars will be loaded and unloaded together.

5) When you want safety

If you’re moving your car cross-country, the risk of theft is persistent as the trailer may travel remote highways and through risky areas. If it’s on display on an open truck, it may prove inviting to thieves. Your best bet to ensure its safety is to move it in an enclosed truck. This will not only protect your vehicle from theft but give you peace of mind.

FAQ About Enclosed Car Shipping

Is enclosed auto transport for you? Have questions? We have answers.

Q1. Do I have to be present when my vehicle is being shipped or delivered through enclosed auto transportation?

You don’t have to be present when shipping or receiving your vehicle, but it is recommended. A representative or someone you trust can sign the paperwork and inspect it for damage instead.

Q2. Can I ship motorcycles via enclosed transportation?

Yes. However, the number of motorcycles that fit inside depends on the size of the container and how the motorcycles are placed. Contact your auto transport company for more details.

Q3. How do I prepare my vehicle?

When preparing your vehicle for enclosed auto transportation:

  • Clean your vehicle properly.
  • Remove all loose parts and keep them separate.
  • Remove all accessories.
  • Check the fluids, brakes and tires.
  • Repair leaks, and make sure tires are fully inflated.
  • Leave a quarter of a tank of gas.
  • Disable car alarms.
  • Close all windows.

Q4. What can I put in my car trunk?

It’s advisable to not put any personal belonging in the trunk as they may not be covered by your shipping insurance. You do so at your own risk.

Enclosed auto transportation is a great way to move your vehicle, provided you know when you can make the most of it. For example, it’s a great choice if you’re shipping a collectible or antique car, more than one or moving in bad weather. Get in touch with a car shipping expert for more details.

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