How to Reduce Pollution and Vehicle Emissions in Canada

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How to Reduce Pollution and Vehicle Emissions in Canada

Increasing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles are leading to an alarming situation in Canada and other parts of the world. Canada’s estimated GHG emission has increased by 33% from 1990 to 2005. With the increasing number of cars and trucks on the road, it is important to consider environmental concerns, before it’s too late.

There are few steps which you can take to reduce pollution and carbon emission made by your vehicle.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Your car is regularly hauling too much weight if it has dirty carburetors clogged air filters and worn out engine parts. This may lead to an increase in carbon emissions. Proper maintenance of your car can help in reducing pollution.

Drive Steadily

More fuel is consumed from rapid acceleration and deceleration. Avoid applying sudden brakes in minimize the waste of fuel. Driving at a steady speed will also help.

Drive Less; Go for Carpool

There are many options available if you want to drive less; you can walk, ride a bike, avail public transport or opt for carpool.

Purchase a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Many vehicles in the market consume a lot of fuel. Do proper market research and purchase a vehicle that is fuel-efficient.

Limit Air Conditioner Usage

Limiting the use of car air conditioning can increase gas mileage and can help in improving the car’s performance.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires can indirectly increase a vehicle’s fuel consumption. For example, if the tires are under-inflated by 56 kPa (Kilopascals), the life of a tire can reduce by 10,000 Km (Kilometres) thus increasing the fuel consumption by 4%.

Avoid Idling

One of the primary contributors towards the rise in pollution is idling. While waiting at one stop for a longer period of time, turn off the vehicle to avoid wasting fuel.

Opt for Shipping Companies

If you are planning to move to a different place, consider a shipping company for transportation of cars and/or motorcycle instead of driving yourself. Doing this will reduce the risk and gas emissions as well.

The protection of the environment is something that should concern everyone. Take the steps outlined above to do your part and reduce pollution.

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