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How to Select the Right RORO Shipping Company

If you’re moving overseas and have decided to opt for an auto shipping service to move your vehicle to the new destination, then you’ve made a good decision. There are two ways to move your vehicles – in a container or in a ship through RORO (Roll on and Roll Off) service. In this blog post, we’ll discuss RORO shipping and how to choose the right RORO shipping company for moving your car internationally.

Understanding RORO Shipping

RORO shipping is a car shipping method for overseas transportation. The term indicates the method of loading in which heavy vehicles or machinery are taken to the docking area, rolled onto the freight vessel or ship, stored below the deck and then rolled off on delivery.

This service can be used by both auto makers and individuals. The ships that transport the cars are specially designed to hold as many cars as possible, sometimes ranging from 500-1000 cars.

There are several reasons to use RORO shipping. Auto makers find it beneficial when they make cars in their own country and need to transport them worldwide. For individuals, this shipping service is cheaper than flying your car to the destination. Aircraft meant for air freight shipping have limited space and are usually reserved only for exotic or luxury vehicles.

Selecting the Right RORO Shipping Company for Transporting Your Vehicles

There are a lot of auto shipping companies offering international shipping through RORO method. However, choosing the right RORO shipping company is essential to ensure your transported vehicles reach their destination in the best condition.

Here are some tips for selecting a RORO shipping company that best fits your needs.

  1. Research the Company

Go through all the information provided on the company website including procedures, policies, FAQs, registration, terms and conditions, competence and years of experience in RORO shipping. Contact them and ask them about any questions you may have such as insurance, permits, referrals, and safe and secure storage. Verify the company’s registration number and if it’s insured. Check out reviews and complaints against the company, and find out how they handle customer support.

  1. Ask for a Quote in Writing

Get a quote from the company in writing. Verify the factors taken into consideration when the company provides a quote for your transportation needs. Make sure there are no hidden charges. Read the contract thoroughly. If you don’t understand a clause, don’t hesitate to ask. Find out how they handle car damages and how you can claim compensation. The contract paper should include all this information.

  1. Find Out Their Tracking Methods

There are companies that offer ways of tracking your shipment. They make sure you can track the shipping status of your vehicles from the convenience of your home or mobile. You can track your vehicle to find out where it has reached and how long it will take to get delivered.


  1. Make an Appointment

After you shortlist a company, make an appointment and have face-to-face conversations regarding your shipping needs. Ask if you can be present on site and oversee the on-loading and offloading procedure, both at the time of pickup and delivery of your vehicle. Lastly, verify all documents and paperwork before signing a contract.

Hiring the right RORO shipping company for your shipment needs can be tricky. There are several companies offering lots of services and promises. However, without going overboard, it is advisable to keep things simple and straight. Transporting with RORO shipping isn’t as difficult as you first imagined, but it is time-consuming. If you’re searching for reliable RORO shipping in Canada, contact Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc.

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