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Shipping Cars to Saudi Arabia

To import cars for business or personal reasons, Viamar Scilla is your best solution, having spent more than four decades in the shipping business. We have experienced professionals maintaining our work chain who can ensure that your car reaches its destination undamaged.



Get Hassle-Free Car Shipping to Saudi Arabia at the Best Rates

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a robust economy as it has 25% of the world’s oil supply and is an active exporter of the same. In fact, the oil industry dominates its economy. Saudi Arabia is also an active importer of cars, the demand for which, especially used vehicles, continues to increase.




What Are the Different Modes of International Shipping?

There are different ways to ship new as well as vintage cars from Canada to Saudi Arabia. At Viamar Scilla, we have an extensive list of shipping methods and will recommend the option best suited to your needs.


  • Air Freight

This method is meant primarily for parcels and medium-sized cargo like office accessories.


  • RO/RO: 

Roll-on/roll-off is especially suited to cars and heavy equipment with wheels. Loading and unloading are more effortless with RO/RO shipping. This is recommended to clients whose car is functional.


  • Consolidated container shipping:

This is the most popular choice for smaller private cars. Here, the container is shared by two or more clients with the same destination, so it’s more budget friendly.


  • Sole container shipping:

This method is for when your vehicle is the only one in the container. It’s the most expensive procedure but minimizes -transit damage. It’s a popular choice among clients shipping vintage and exotic cars.



Why You Should Choose Us?

We have developed a new method to load multiple cars within a container safely to save you both time and money. Moreover, the warehouse where we store your vehicles is enormous, enclosed from all sides and insured. We have both indoor and outdoor warehousing facilities. Here are a couple of perks you get by working with Viamar:


  • Experience:  

We have 44 years of experience in this field and continue to serve the GTA by bringing the best shipping solutions to our clients.


  • Cost-effective:

The competition has only grown over the years, but we have maintained our standard of excellence, cost-effective rates and practice absolute transparency in regard to our billing methods.


With our extensive contacts with port terminals and personnel, we ship your cars via convenient routes in less time and with reduced cost.


  • We transport:


exotic cars

classic and antique cars

new cars

used cars


As these are expensive and demand extra care, we would suggest you load one car in 20-foot and two vehicles in 40-foot containers.



Types of Containers

The size of the container you need depends solely on the kind of car being shipped. The following are the kinds of containers we facilitate:


  • 20’ and 40’ Standard Containers
  • 40’-High Cube Containers
  • Flat Rack Containers
  • Open Top Containers
  • Tank Containers
  • Reefer Containers

For car shipping, 20′ and 40′ standard containers are the best choices. These enclosed containers keep your car out of harm’s way while in transit. Moreover, damage due to natural elements and disaster is minimized.




We Provide Car Insurance

We keep your treasured cars safe by making provisions for marine insurance and emphasize the preparation of all necessary car shipping documents, like customs clearance and freight bills. You can contact our back-end support team at any time to track the progress of your shipped cars to Saudi Arabia.



Reliable Car Shipping Services to Saudi Arabia


Viamar Scilla offers expert solutions for shipping cars to Saudi Arabia, backed by over four decades of experience. Whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes, we ensure each vehicle reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Our services are tailored to handle both new and used vehicles, providing options that best suit your shipping needs.



Diverse Shipping Options Available

Our shipping methods cater to various needs, including air freight for urgent deliveries and cost-effective options like RO/RO and container shipping. RO/RO is ideal for operational vehicles, while container shipping offers security for luxury and vintage cars, ensuring minimal transit damage.



Streamlined Shipping Process for Your Convenience

We simplify the shipping process by managing all logistics, from loading to delivery. Our team is committed to providing a hassle-free experience, ensuring all necessary documents and customs clearances are handled with precision. Our efficient practices reduce shipping times and costs, making us a preferred choice for car shipping to Saudi Arabia.




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The following are some of the most common questions we get from clients who want to ship their cars to Saudi Arabia.

1. What’s the best way to ship a vintage car that is still driveable?

RO/RO shipping is the best method for a working car.

With RO/RO shipping, the car has to be in running condition so it can be rolled on and rolled out of the container. Whether it’s a vintage collector’s item or any rare exotic model, if it still works then this is the best shipping method.

2. How long will my shipment take to reach Saudi Arabia?

This depends on the method of shipping and the conditions of transit.

The method of shipping you choose will affect delivery time. Furthermore, weather, lockdowns and any human calamity will affect transportation. However, we try our best to deliver within the promised date.

3. Will the shipment be delivered to my doorstep at the destination?

It will be delivered to your doorstep or the nearest pickup point.

Doorstep delivery is available based on your negotiations with the shipper and where you live. If it was not part of the service you paid for, additional charges will be incurred.

4. Is there any rule regarding car maintenance before it is shipped?


Your car must not have any personal belongings inside it. The gas should be drained out, or, in the case of RO/RO shipping, it should be one-quarter full. Lastly, maintain a record of defects and the latest repairs so you can check for damages.

5. What do I do if my car gets damaged in transit?

If it’s insured, you can put in a claim or make a complaint and we will look into it.

It’s easier to make claims to cover damage with proper insurance papers and related documents. However, if you have sufficient proof that the accident happened in transit, we will look into the matter and assist you accordingly.

6. Are there any restrictions on car models/brands that can be shipped to Saudi Arabia?


Simply check the list of prohibited items on the country’s customs website to get a better idea.

7. What is the best method to ship a car to Saudi Arabia?

The best shipping method depends on your specific needs. RO/RO shipping is ideal for operational vehicles due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, while container shipping provides enhanced protection for luxury and vintage cars, ensuring safety throughout the transit.