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Complete Shipping Insurance to Ensure Maximum Protection Of Your Shipment

Viamar Scilla has been the #1 preferred shipping partner for people all over Canada and North America for over 43 years. We do not just help you ship or move, we provide complete shipping solutions. That includes ensuring the safety of your shipment. We understand: you worry about your cargo. Thanks to our marine cargo insurance policy, customers can now have better peace of mind when shipping their personal or commercial belongings. In a global economy, protecting your cargo against all types of loss, such as theft or damage, is a primary concern. We at Viamar are devoted to keeping your cargo safe, no matter what, for a worry-free shipping experience.
Marine insurance is the oldest kind of insurance. The main benefit of this type of insurance is that it compensates for any losses that may occur due to any type of risk to the cargo, hull, passengers or third-party liabilities. Viamar assists you with all types of marine insurance to compensate you for any loss or damage during transportation.

Different Types Of Insurance For Cargo Shipping

We are proud to announce that Viamar Scilla is authorized to provide marine insurance certificates through Lloyd’s of London, for all kinds of shipments. And there are different types of marine insurance policies just as there are different types of car insurance policies. However, depending on the shipper’s needs and specifications, they can be categorized into four types.
Hull Insurance: This type of policy protects against damage to an aircraft or cargo ship. Hull and machinery insurance cover every part within the ship to compensate the shipowner for any damage. Naturally, this type of insurance is usually taken out by the shipowner.
Cargo Insurance: Cargo insurance covers any physical damage or loss occurring to your shipment, whether it ships via land, sea or air. When it comes to cost advantages and opportunities, Viamar offers the most elaborate insurance policies.
Freight Insurance: Freight charges can be paid either in advance or after your consignment reaches its destination. Thanks to a freight insurance policy, companies avoid losing money in case of unexpected events where the cargo is lost or the ship meets with an accident.
Marine Liability Insurance: In case of the ship crashing or colliding, marine liability insurance provides coverage for the loss of goods.

Different Types Of Insurance Coverage

At Viamar, we understand the importance of your belongings, whether personal or commercial. Here are the two types of insurance coverage.

When you choose cargo insurance, you ensure full recovery from any financial loss, in case any damage occurs to your consignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do I need marine cargo insurance?

It limits your risk of exposure to financial loss due to damage/loss of goods during marine transit.

Shipping goods by sea or air is risky. Goods can get damaged or completely lost while on their way to you or your customer. Marine cargo insurance compensates you for your goods should they be damaged or lost. Replacing damaged or lost goods in transit also protects you from lawsuits filed by unhappy customers.

Q2. Should I complete a valued inventory?


A detailed valued inventory is highly recommended. The settlement of your claim settlement will be based upon the declared value specified on the declaration, or the cost of replacement or repair. Not having one will put limits on the claim settlement.

Q3. Does all-risk shipping insurance cover dents and scratches to cars?

Yes, it does.

This covers against any dents, errors, scratches or water damage.

Q4. Does taking out marine insurance reduce the chance of damage to my cargo?


Insurance of all types protects you against loss but does not reduce the actual risk of loss. But you’ll be glad you had it should anything happen to your goods.

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