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Shipping to Barbados from Canada

At Viamar Scilla, we have created a streamlined process that makes international shipping to Barbados affordable, quick and reliable. We do not believe in short cuts; neither in customer communication nor in the tasks of packing and moving. You can rely on our experts for detailed packing and safe delivery of goods.

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You must be wondering on the exorbitant freight charges you need to bear for shipping of vehicles and other goods to this eastern Caribbean island. Well, we ship a huge number of goods in spacious containers, sometimes as frequent as twice or thrice a week. Bulk transfers lower the shipping charges.

We take a lot of care while packing, loading, unloading and unpacking your consignment. We prepare all paperwork required for international shipping. Here is how we serve you:

It is always important to live up to the faith you have on us with overseas transportation. You are kept posted on the progress of the shipment from time to time. We always take care to answer all queries and look forward to long-term relationship with each customer. Our staff receives training on advanced methods so that we can guarantee your peace of mind.

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