Should You Drive or Ship Your Car Cross Country When Moving?

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Should You Drive or Ship Your Car Cross Country When Moving?

A cross-country move is an exciting experience that can also be overwhelming. Beginning a new life in a new place not only creates new opportunities but the stress of unknown challenges. Simply put, change is never easy. It means taking care of numerous tasks, including the creation of a relocation plan, packing and getting your documentation in order. And what about your car? Will you drive it to your new home or ship it?

To figure out the best option to move your vehicle cross country, here are relevant factors to take into account.

Why Shipping Your Car Cross Country Is Better Than Driving It Yourself?

Want to drive your car across Canada instead of shipping it? Road trips are great but relocating adds a whole new set of issues to consider. Make sure you ponder all the relevant factors to make an informed decision.


The distance between your current city and your destination is an important factor to consider. For example, if you’re moving from Edmonton to Toronto, the road distance will be more than 3,400 km, or 2,000 miles. That means significant wear on your vehicle and pocket if you plan to drive through, as you will have to pay for fuel and possibly road tolls. And there may be unforeseen damages from driving unfamiliar roads over a long time.

But if you ship your vehicle from Edmonton to Toronto, your car will be transported on a trailer (an enclosed container is an option). That means not worrying about refueling your car, finding motels or paying tolls.


Time plays a crucial role if you have a relocation deadline. Not everyone can spare several days on the road. If you’re moving because of a new job that starts right away, you may not have time to spare, so shipping is the better option. If you’re not in a rush, a road trip can be like a mini-vacation, full of new experiences.


Some people believe the cost of driving your car cross country is less than shipping it. But the cost of shipping is straightforward; you know exactly how much you will be paying as you get a guaranteed quote. Driving your car can become costly as there are many expenses to consider, including fuel, food, lodging, tolls and possible urgent repairs.

Seasonal Considerations

Canada has many climates. So, if you’re moving from one province to another, you need to take local conditions into consideration, especially if you’re planning to drive there.

Another important factor to think about is the time of year. For example, driving in January will be different than driving in May. Adverse winter weather conditions can make driving difficult, making shipping more feasible.


When you drive cross country, you risk your car and life. Not only will your vehicle be susceptible to damage but you run the risk of accidents and auto theft. Shipping is a much safer option. As far as your car’s safety is concerned, make sure you buy insurance and hire a reliable auto transport company that offers enclosed container service.


You want the most convenient way to transport your vehicles if you’re moving. After all, you already have lots to take care of, from packing and notifying everyone about your move to making financial preparations. Adding the burden of driving your car makes the move all the more difficult. Giving over that responsibility to a reliable shipper is much more convenient.

Many people love exploring the beauty of Canada by car. However, if distance, time, expense, safety and your convenience are to be considered, shipping your vehicle is a better choice if you’re relocating. All you need is a trustworthy auto shipping company.

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