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Things to Know About Shipping Your Car in Summer and Winter

The shipping industry is greatly affected by the weather. Method, duration and cost of shipping vary with the change of seasons. But, if you have to make move a car from a long distance, giving too much importance to your weather preferences is not always an option. In such unavoidable circumstances, it will do you good to get familiar with the different aspects of long-distance car shipping in various seasons based on your chosen route. This way, you can plan and budget accordingly and protect your property from accidents and probable hazards.

In this post, we will discuss how summer impacts the car shipping industry and how it differs from winter shipping.

Car Shipping in Summer

Shipping your car may be more convenient in the summer than winter. However, it can also get more expensive because of being on demand. Transportation is much smoother in the warmer months as there won’t be any volatile weather conditions. Due to this, there are less delays in delivery which increases the demand for shipping. Since there is more guarantee of on-time delivery, people even agree to pay a premium to get their vehicles transported in the warmer seasons. Car transport companies also make use of this situation and make up for their slow business during the fall and winter seasons.

Car Shipping in Winter

The basic preparation for car shipping in winter and summer are similar.  However, there is less demand for automobile shipping which causes a reduction in cost. There are more car shipping carriers competing with each other to fill up their open spaces on trucks. The only drawback is the duration of delivery tends to be slower in winter and the carriers avoid certain routes during the cold. Of course, if you must transport your vehicle in winter, then reliable auto transport companies can ensure that it is in the safe hands of trained truckers who are used to handling the harsh weather. For those looking to save time over the cheapest car shipping company, summer car shipping is the best option.

Reasons for Summer Shipping Being More Expensive

The reason you may opt to ship your vehicles in winter is either because you are on a tight schedule or you want to save money. As mentioned earlier, summer car shipping can get a lot more expensive. It happens for a number of reasons:

  • The months of summer can be considered the peak season for car freight companies due to the high demand for interstate car shipping. During this time, not only is it easier for families to make the transition because the kids are out of school, but people are in general more confident about buying cars too.
  • People often prefer summer over winter for another reason. In winter, to protect the vehicles, enclosed shipping is used which is a premium service. If this exceeds your budget, then you have to wait for the weather to get better. Even though the temperature rises in summer, you can be sure that the vehicles get transported without any major disruptions.
  • The reason that winter car shipping is generally cheaper is because of the low demand for auto transportation services which leaves the freight companies no choice but to lower their price. The small freight companies may not always increase their price in order to gain more customers, so this is not a hard and fast rule.

Additional Info: In the southern provinces, the winter season is more expensive since most people tend to travel to the south, which creates high demand in that area.

Problems During Shipping Cars in Summer

By far, it may seem that summer is the better time to ship a car over winter. The process is a lot smoother and faster in the warmer seasons as there’s less of a chance of delays. Convenience is another major factor too. In summer, everyone tends to be more relaxed and if you are planning to move, May, June, July, or August are definitely the best times.

Does summer really present no issue at all?

Summer is also the time when it can get really dusty or even rain in some parts. That means, after being transported, your car is going to need a thorough wash. It may not be a big issue, but for some people, it is a hassle.

Whether you want to opt for car shipping in summer or winter depends on the urgency of the situation. However, when looking for a company for car shipping in Toronto or Mississauga, remember to do a little research and avoid being tempted by unrealistic low-price rates offered by lesser-known companies. By risking the safety of your vehicle, you may end up spending more on damage repair. Therefore, for guaranteed service, it is better to hire logistic professionals only.

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